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What Is Your Uniqueness?


Powerpoint is the gold standard for presenting and communicating in business today. For the most part these presentations are a pain to put together, never look as beautiful as you’d like, and take up way more time than you’d like to spend. If you’re a manager, it’s stressful to train your team to produce presentations up to your standards and you probably don’t have time to coach them all the way through. For presentation makers, it’s a pain in the ass to keep iterating on the same deck over and over reacting to the whims of your superiors. It can feel like you’re just spinning your wheels, spending tons of time making stupid adjustments to your deck. Or maybe you’re a storyteller, an entrepreneur or someone who just wants more tools to communicate better visually. Whoever you are, these are the five essential tips that I’ve picked up in my career preparing and presenting power points to my teams, my bosses, executive clients, etc. And tips I’ve passed on to my teams and colleagues who’ve wanted to step up their presentation skills. No better way to learn than to do, so we’re going to learn all five skills by making two killer pages: A beautiful table of contents page A stunning quotes page By making these pages, we’ll learn the following skills: Alignment and Distribution. How do we use powerpoint to quickly organize all our objects so they’re all lined up and perfectly pleasing to the eye. Using Shapes with Text. How can we easily add color and structure to our text and pictures by placing shapes behind it. Managing your Colors. What’s our strategy to get all of our perfectly aligned objects looking their best. Working With Pictures. Learning the many ways to get pictures into your presentations and how we can manipulate them once they’re in there. Using Text with Images. How can use text over and around images to bring them to life. Bonus! A very very cool trick I’ve learned just recently to make quotes come to life and look super well designed. You’ll have to take the course to see the result. I guarantee you’ll learn something or your money back. I mean, you have that lifetime money back guarantee anyways so what are you waiting for? The course should take you about an hour and is chock full of goodness. PS: this course is not meant to be comprehensive. The five skills are the first of many that I teach my students. For instance, making tables and charts are often “essential” for business, as well, but those topics are too large to cover in this snackable course. But if there’s enough demand, we may cover it in its own course.

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