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Writing a professional screenplay that stands out from the competition doesn’t have to be a confusing mystery or heartbreakingly painful. Let me show you how I’ve been doing it for years. My name is Jeffrey Alan Schechter and I’ve been a working writer for over 20 years. My writing has been nominated for two Emmy awards as well as awards from the Writer’s Guild of America, the Writer’s Guild of Canada, and the British Academy of Film and Television Arts. I’m a Gemini award winning producer and the author of the bestselling book My Story Can Beat Up Your Story! , Amazon’s top-reviewed book on screenwriting. I’m also the creator and executive producer of the hit show Stitchers currently airing on ABC Family. I know this isn’t the least expensive screenwriting course on Udemy but every once in a while you do actually get what you pay for. This course is guaranteed to turn your screenplay into the toughest kid on the block or your money back. What I teach is no sterile paradigm, no BS system taught by failed writers. This is the same dynamic system that I’ve used in my 20+ year career as a working writer. It decodes the major storytelling moments shared by the most popular movies of all time so you can use them in your own writing. This system is based on simple to understand principles that I’ve used to generate millions of dollars in writing assignments and script sales. Seriously. It really works. WHAT ARE PEOPLE SAYING? LOTS! Jeff has an acute understanding of the kind of story structure that makes for successful movies. By analyzing blockbusters he extrapolates a story construction model that is surprisingly simple and universally applicable. And, best of all, it works. – Tim Hill, Director. ALVIN & THE CHIPMUNKS, MAX KEEBLE’S BIG MOVE, MUPPETS IN SPACE Writers have been searching for the perfect story structure paradigm for 2,500 years. Jeff Schechter may have found it. Take that, Aristotle! – Ian Abrams, Chairman, Dramatic Writing Program, Drexel University. Writer/ Creator EARLY EDITION, UNDERCOVER BLUES. Screenwriting is an art, and Jeff Schechter conveys both the craft and soul of the trade. A gifted teacher, he provides methods which will help you both structure and elevate your best ideas. – David Sacks, Executive Producer/Writer. THIRD ROCK FROM THE SUN, THE SIMPSONS A refreshing, no-nonsense, incredibly insightful primer for beginners and laser-guided tuner-upper for journeymen. And it’s damned entertaining to boot. David N. Weiss, writer, Shrek 2, The Smurfs Smart and engaging…brims with common-sense methods of breaking down and conquering the most stubborn structural problems in screenwriting.Alvaro Rodriguez, writer, Machete, Shorts Since I took Jeff’s course I’ve become a Hollywood screenwriter. I recently finished the first draft of a supernatural thriller which I was able to option after my FIRST PITCH to a producer. Now I’m on my next ‘gig.’ If it wasn’t for Jeff I would still be writing my way out of page 55.” – Scott M, AUSTRALIA Jeff breaks down screenwriting structure into small, easy to understand bites. I finally think I’m comprehending screenwriting and how it works, and I owe it all to this class. If you only take one screenwriting class, make sure it’s this one!” – Elissa T, LONG BEACH WHAT’S IN THE COURSE? This course is divided into four sections covering 41 lectures: SECTION 1 — STRONG FOUNDATIONS: Three acts, four questions, four archetypes & the perfect elevator pitch. This is the first section of the course but it’s anything but basic! In this section you’ll learn: An enhanced understanding of the classic three act structure. The critical four questions you need to know about your main character How to craft a central question that charts your hero’s physical, emotional, and spiritual journey. How to ensure your main character fulfills his or her story destiny by transitioning through each of the four archetypes How to construct a compelling ‘elevator pitch’ that lays out your entire story from start to finish SECTION 2 — THEME & CHARACTER: Knowing how to weave theme and character into a screenplay has been poorly understood and very under-utilized…until now! In this section we take a deep dive into the easiest way to understand character interactions and thematic integrity. In this section you’ll: Learn the power of theme (and scratch your head that so few people use it effectively!) Determine the thematic question, thematic argument, and thematic synthesis of a story (it’s easier than it sounds!) Incorporate thematic opposites into your story through characters, props, and architecture. Use the Unity of Opposites to align both the positive and negative characters with theme. Learn how to easily create a cast of as many as 14 characters, both positive and negative, that inform and amplify your hero and villain SECTION 3 — BULLETPROOF PLOTTING: This is it! The pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. The 44 plot points that guarantee a perfect structure as well as the 12 story landmarks that all top films share. In this section we: Work through the 12 foundation plot points of act 1. Use the central cuestion to craft the plot points of act 2 so that they build upon each other in a professional, exciting way Build act 3 using four essential plot points Chart a story course with approximate page counts for the 12 major landmarks of your now bulletproof story SECTION 4 — THE TOUGH WRITER’S BUSINESS PLAN: If you want to be a professional writer, you have to treat the business like a business. The 16 lectures in this section cover all the advice I wish someone would have given to me when I was getting started: The Big Lie and the Big Truth about a career in screenwriting The best way to be a working writer according to the Writer’s Guild of America. Do you have to move to Los Angeles? What’s the best material to be writing right now? Different ways to leverage your time and creativity The surprising reason why you need to write something unproduceable! When should you try to get an agent or a manager? The reality about pitch and script competitions. A solid plan to write 4 pieces of new material in less than a year. 41 lectures, hours of HD video, hundreds of images, clips, charts, and diagrams…this is an entire screenwriting course that you can watch on your computer, your mobile device, or on your tablet whenever you want. I am so sure that this course will improve your writing that I offer a 30 day NO QUESTIONS ASKED refund policy. Take a month to watch and learn. If you want a refund, just ask and it’s yours. Zero risk, maximum benefit! READY TO GET STARTED I hope so. This course represents over 20 years of professional, expert experience and contains information that has truly generated millions of dollars in sales and assignments. So let’s roll up our sleeves and get ready to go write something awesome.

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