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Tutorial de Photoshop CS6: Como editar fotos y videos


PROLOGUE: Dear students, If you are reading this, that means you’re interested in two of the world’s most in-demand technologies: HTML & CSS There are many reasons behind their popularity, most important of which is that it is the quickest and shortest route towards self-employment. Second of countless reasons is that it can be safely said that collectively the most amount of time we spend is on the internet. And since us humans are curious creatures, we’re always interested in finding out whats happening under the hood. Meat of the talk: We’ve taken all the cares to make this course equally informative, fun, and beneficial for enthusiasts and active learners alike. The course expects absolutely no familiarity with either HTML or CSS and is aimed at helping you understand the principles that underlie the structure of every web page in the world. And its actually all about understanding these principles because once we’ve understood these principles, building web pages will then just be a bi-product. As a testimony to our understanding, we’ll be building together the world’s most visited web site, you guessed it: www.google.com And as a project, you’ll be building the Gmail Sign up page with my humble self by yourself all the time. By the end of the course you’ll be clearly able to differentiate between what you know about HTML and CSS and what you still need to know. And if you found this journey fun, informative, rewarding, and satisfying, that I’m sure you will, who knows you might end up making a profession out of it and sooner than you can imagine, begin making big $$bucks$$ And hey! although you’ll have bursts of laughters during our lectures because they become sooo funny at times but the course takes itself very seriously. We could’ve given it “Learn to build cool web sites in x-hours” or any other cliched & cheesy name. But we respect the fact that the time and money you invest should be aptly rewarded, therefore we’ve given our course this logical structure, and we’ve made sure that we over-deliver what we have promised! In addition to the video lectures, The course contain: Lectures Slides Lectures Notes [where required] Quizzes [completely optional, but you are encouraged to take them to improve your understanding] Practice Exercises in every section to keep track of your learning That being said, we welcome you to our course and thank you for taking it. We believe and sincerely hope that its just a matter of completing this course and then, making a website would seem a child’s play to you. See you in the class!

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