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TUSK – Animated Project Management Framework for Executives


Everyone has seen the dreaded presentation where the speaker just dies on stage. They ‘™re flat, boring, stale, or just plain nervous. Don’t be that person! I can teach you how to ‘œfind your zone, ‘ and nail your presentations- so your personality comes through and your information has more power. When you’re naturally relaxed, you will shine, and your presentations will stand out. . Learn how to overcome stress at the emotional and physical level. Then your personality will come through and your information will stand out. Most coaches can teach you tips about presenting a speech. They can even give you a few secrets about appearing calm. Present with Power will teach you how to train your body. You don’t want to APPEAR calm. You want to BE calm. There’s a huge difference! You can teach and train your body to stay relaxed. Most coaches don’t understand the body. I do. I studied bodywork and herbalism- which look at how the body holds and processes and, more importantly– how the body can RELEASE stress. Confidence Starts at the cellular level. Muscles and Nerves are all connected. So you want to impress your audience. But your body is working against you. Learn how to work with your body. Let your body tell your audience that you are confident- without any words. Shoulders relaxed. Breathing deep and natural. A stance that tells your listener that you are planted right there, staking out your ground with assurance. Your body moves with greater fluidity, instead of tight rigid and nervous gestures. You can look more natural and spontaneous. Now you can connect with your audience, and they will hear and believe what you have to share with them. Learn trigger points that will relax your shoulders. ( bodywork trick) Learn how to strengthen your diaphragm for deep relaxed breathing. Learn how to choose your tempo ( affects racing heart) and slow it down,or speed it up, just like a metronome. These exercises in these six videos will teach you how to “train” your body into a natural state of relaxation and composure. Be genuinely relaxed and confident, so you nail your presentation- whatever it is: job proposal, interviews, board-room meeting, video presentation or large audience speaking. Do you hate walking away from your presentation, drained and exhausted? thinking of all the mistakes you made? Wouldn’t you rather walk away, knowing you had nailed that delivery and won over your audience? Walk away feeling great, because you nail your presentation, Udemy offers a 30-day, no-questions asked, money-back guarantee, so there is no risk. But you have more to gain by overcoming your fear of public speaking than the cost of this course] Call to Action So select the orange, “Take this Course” button on the right ( –>)and begin taming those scary speech fears with self-control and confidence

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