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Trabaja desde tu casa. Aprende como ser un freelance exitoso


Have you submitted application after application through online job boards, without so much as receiving a phone call in return? Have you gone through repeated interviews, only to lose the job to someone else, or worse: to be told, ‘œI ‘™m sorry, but we are continuing to look? ‘ Maybe you have a job but it ‘™s not the job you really want – Why did you take it? It was the first one that came along? You felt like you were running out of time or luck? It wasn’t the job you thought it was? Perhaps, you are part of the ‘œunder-employed ‘ and you are having difficulty finding a position that was closer to the one you left behind? Maybe you have been thinking of making a job or career change but were afraid to because of the economy or just plain uncertainty? Or, maybe you ‘™re just out of college or the military and you ‘™re trying to get your new career started. The Job market has changed dramatically over the last 5 years. What used to work doesn ‘™t anymore. Old strategies will lead to wasted time and added frustration! Forget what you ‘™ve learned about your job search, networking, information sources, and your resume, because it has all changed. I will share my background and how I ran into similar frustrations as yourself and how I discovered the secrets to landing the right job quickly. I will also share changes in the job market – that may have left you frustrated so you can be more productive. In this course on “Landing the right job quickly” you will learn: 4 job search strategies that if applied, will help you land the right job quickly. How to market yourself so recruiters and hiring managers come to you. How to customize your resume so it reaches and gets the attention of the hiring manager. What hiring manager are really looking for and how to set yourself apart from the competition so you land the job.

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