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<?xml:namespace prefix o ns “urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office” /> A way to improve one’s public speaking ease If you could greatly improve your communication skills, gain more self-confidence when public speaking would you be interested?</span> </p> </p> If you could express yourself with more ease and convince more people would you like it? Maybe you’re having nerves when approaching an important job interview or the final oral exam in an academic competition. Maybe you’ve got butterflies in your stomach at the moment of making a speech to an audience, large or small. Maybe you feel uneasy when negotiating face to face with a potential customer. Perhaps, you’re someone only shy and looking for some guidance to overcome your anxiety. In these various cases don’t worry anymore ! My course : Public Speaking: Get Rid of One’s Fear : A 101 Course is going to help you a good deal. It will give you the tools you need to improve your oral communication. Together, we will make it quick to understand, step by step, handy and simple to use. So that you can progress regularly and gradually. This course will reveal to you in detail the public speaking methods I have fine-tuned for years. The way I have implemented them for me in my job and then for my French trainees. As the fruit of a long professional experience I want to share with you today. You’ll discover this course as a toolbox including various anti fear techniques to improve your public speaking ease. I’ll describe you them in detail and introduce you to relevant handy exercises for almost each of them. Exercises you can put into practice right away. Of course, you’ll learn seriously but at the same time in a pleasant and enjoyable manner. It’s very important to learn for sure, but we’ll try to find pleasure and fun, -fun!- along the way too. Naturally this course is ideal for anyone wishing to reduce his fear of public speaking. Whatever impediment you might have, you’re most welcome! For sure, this course is focused on fear in public speaking which is only one aspect of public speaking. Because anxiety issues, fear problems are the main impediment, the greatest hindrance to face for almost all of us. And because your ease in public speaking is your best visiting card for your communication. My experience as a trainer during years shows me that people wishing to improve their public speaking ease can reach a significant result within a short period of time. Why not you? Many others have done it, so can you So I do hope if you’re looking for some unconventional, thinking outside the box guidance, you will check out this course and you’ll choose to join me. It will be a great pleasure and a real privilege for me to help you become a more successful speaker. So now, are you ready to dive in? ‘¦ I really look forward to training you soon and guiding you to grow a new talent. Pierre </span> </p>

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