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The Happiest Baby on the Block: Calming Your Baby


Regression Therapy Is A Powerful Tool!For self-esteem issuesFor weight loss sessionsFor fears, phobias and anxietyFor depression or general feelings of gloom and doomAngerAnd it can be used practically any time ‘¦.A client is having a reaction they don ‘™t like.A client has a reaction that ‘™s out of proportion to the current situation.A client shows signs of regression as they ‘™re thinking about their problem (I ‘™ll show you what signs to look for).If you don ‘™t have effective regression techniques, you ‘™re missing out on a valuable set of skills in working with people!When you think about it, regression can be used for a large percentage of the problems clients come to you with. If you ‘™re not using regression, you may be missing a big piece of the puzzle.. And truthfully, a lot of practitioners out there are not confident using the regression techniques they have been taught. Why?A Lot Of Regression Training Out There Is Crap. How Do You Separate The Wheat From The Chaff?I ‘™m a reductionist. I simplify-it ‘™s what I do. And I ‘™ve done lots of reading, studying and testing of various regression formats. But most of them left me dissatisfied. Often, there ‘™s a lot of dogma and superfluous woo-woo attached. And if you look at the evidence behind the theories, there ‘™s little support.So instead of fluff, I focused on what therapeutic processes work best. Then I started to look and what the most successful therapies had in common. I reduced, simplified, threw out the garbage and the unnecessary and came back again. Hone, simplify and hone again. And again.What I finished with is ‘¦A Combination Of The Most Effective, Powerful And Practical Techniques To Locate A Root Cause, Regress Back To It Quickly And Resolve It So Clients Can Live Fulfilled Lives-Without Being Bothered By What Happened In The PastIt ‘™s called Hybrid Regression Therapy.It ‘™s stripped down and free of spiritual or religious interpretations and light on psychological mumbo-jumbo. That means you can work with a wider range of people with a wide range of belief systems. It ‘™s adaptable. If you have your own belief system about regression-these techniques can be used-put your own spin on them.

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