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The English Reformation


The Science & Spirit of Orbs: You ‘™ve been told they are everything from dust to ghost, lens flares to consciousness, spots to spirits. Some people are excited about their existence, while others might say they don ‘™t exist at all. You may have already seen them in your pictures or you may just be wondering what everyone else is talking about. The topic of ORBS used to be fun, hippie talk among those who had an appreciation and understanding of other worldly things. However, science is now helping to explain something so out of the ordinary, as just part of the Universal experience. NASA scientist Dr. Karl Heinemann tells us that the largest collection of ORB photography is housed in the Vatican. Yes, everyone is getting in on the incredible experience of discovering what we can ‘™t see around us. What is even more exciting is that anyone can play using some simple techniques and inexpensive equipment that you probably already have around the house.You will peak into our world of orb photography and we will teach you how to create your own authentic orb pictures. Here’s Our Course Overview: Introduction: Who Are We and Why Should You Care? What is an Orb? No Seriously…What Are Orbs? Who Says So? What About Dust-Couldn ‘™t Orbs Just Be Dust? Show and Tell: Real and Original Orb Pictures The Visible Light Spectrums-The Reality Our Eyes Can ‘™t Eee How Can the Camera See What Our Eyes Can ‘™t What Kind of Camera Do I Need to Take Orb Pictures Hint: you ‘™re gonna be surprised Orbs-Water-and Electro Magnetic Conductivity Video: Interacting with Orbs Orb Groups and Social Media Orbs: Luminous Beings Light Beings in Panama Energy and Plasma Orbs: Meditation Messenger Heart Energy Biophotons, Energy Waves and YOU Orbs: Beings of Light Electro-Magnetic Magicical Moments Video: Example of Biophotons Spirit Science Suggestions for Taking Your Own Orb Photos Time for a Field Trip Now What? Discovering Orbs In Your Own Pictures Getting the Best Out Of Your Orb Photography Examples to Make Your Orb Pictures Shine Questions from Students Video: Orbs in Action Top 10 Tips For Getting The Most Out of Your Orb Pictures Upon completion of this course, enjoy an invitation to our Private Orb Group You Can Own Pictures In This Presentation

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