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The Amazon Sales Formula To Generate Real Passive Income


Money. Cash. Greenbacks. Dead presidents. It ‘™s all the same thing when you get down to it: Projects require finances to get from start to completion, and it ‘™s often the project manager ‘™s job to estimate, control, and account for the finances a project demands. Projects consume the project budget during execution, when all of those project management plans we ‘™ve discussed are put into action, and the project budget is monitored and controlled during, well, the monitoring and controlling processes. What ‘™s that you say? You don ‘™t have any control over the monies your project requires? Management gives you a predetermined budget, and it ‘™s up to you to make it all work out? Yikes! While this book centers on your Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) and Project Management Professional (PMP) examinations, that ‘™s always one of the scariest things I hear. Or is it? If management ‘™s decision is based on previous projects, business analysts ‘™ research, or should-cost estimates from experts, then it ‘™s not so scary. I ‘™ll give you this much: A predetermined project budget is always a constraint, and it ‘™s rarely fun for the project manager. And what about those projects that don ‘™t have any monies assigned to the project work? You know ‘¦ the projects where the project scope is completed just by the project team ‘™s work, and there really aren ‘™t any materials or items to purchase. That ‘™s okay ‘”there are still costs associated with the project, because someone, somewhere, is paying for the project team ‘™s time. Salaries can also be considered a project cost. After all, time is money.

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