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Startup & Go – First Steps to Building a Technology Company


“Discover The Amazingly SIMPLE Prosperity Secrets Of EVERY Millionaire, And How You Can Easily Apply Them To YOUR Life…” Hello, this is Gary Vurnum. Basically… I’ve discovered some secrets that I want to share with you RIGHT NOW! Do you want to know the #1 secret to finally creating a life of wealth and prosperity? Well…over the last 7 years I have devoted myself to learning everything I can about how to lead a prosperous life. I’ve read books on prosperity and wealth accumulation. I’ve read autobiographies of successful people from business, sport, movies, and every walk of life. I’ve grilled many self-made multi-millionaires at seminars I have either spoken at or attended. I’ve coached both successful people to greater heights, and helped many unsuccessful people make amazing changes to their lives. From all of this research, I discovered that EVERY single wealthy person had one major ‘secret’ in common. Every one! (And no, it’s NOT the Law of Attraction!) Just imagine knowing the fundamental way of thinking of every successful person. Don’t you think that might help you change what YOU do? So, do you want to know what it is? And…more importantly, how you can immediately use it to change your life? Well…I’ve only ever shared this with a total of 18 people before on an expensive 1-on-1 Program, but today I’m going to share it with you! Here is the #1 secret that ALL successful people apply in their lives. One simple word says it all – EXPECTATION! You’ve heard that you become what you think about…well, although this is completely true, it can be a recipe for failure – because more people are focusing on what they DON’T want instead of what they DO! Millionaires become what they EXPECT to become! They don’t spend their lives thinking about The Law Of Attraction…they just expect things to turn out the way they want to. Unsuccessful people believe they need to WORK with LOA but – because the harder you ‘try’ the further away you get – as you’re coming from a place of lack! Millionaires don’t care about the Law of Attraction. They EXPECT success! There is one way to instantly know whether you are sabotaging yourself? Ask yourself “WHAT AM I EXPECTING?” Anyone can take action…but action in the WRONG direction can be worse for you than no action at all! Expect yourself to move forward – and then REACT to the opportunities and experiences that appear in your life! Rich people get richer because they don’t spend their lives thinking about how to get more money because they don’t NEED it! Most rich people could ‘retire’ on their current net worth – but they still need something to do – so they focus instead on doing what they’re good at….NOT MONEY! If you ‘™ve heard of the phrase ‘˜money goes to money ‘™ – then this is why! OK…if you liked that secret, I actually have SIX more that I discovered during my detailed research of very wealthy people that I want to share with you in this course. In it I lay out not only the six further secrets themselves, but also how you can IMMEDIATELY apply them in YOUR life! Get immediate access to this course in which I walk you through the exact mindset that you need to have in order to lead a wealthy and prosperous life. I look forward to sharing “The 6 Simple Keys To Prosperity” with you, and show you how you can use them to change your life in ways you could only imagine! See you inside. To Our Success! Gary Vurnum

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