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Do you find it hard to let go and just relax? Tried mind/body techniques that took too long to get results? And never experienced that blissful peace everyone talks about? You find yourself wondering why: I find it hard to relax when I take a deep breath. What am I supposed to feel? Maybe I’m not doing it right. I try to meditate but it takes too long to learn. I get bored. I can’t stop my mind from wandering. So why bother? Visualizing…what does that even mean? Am I supposed to see pictures? I don’t. What is the relaxation response? If this describes your self-talk lately…Welcome to Learning the Joy of Relaxation. Learning how to relax should be a joy. Not a chore. I designed this course to address those worries. It is a five part experiential workshop revealing four techniques to experience the ultimate radiant relaxation response. In each workshop you will discover: Calming Deep Breath – the first thing you should do for effortless results. Mindful and Mantra Meditation Parts 1 and 2 – what you should know to stop the mind chatter. Vivid Imagery Visualization Parts 1 and 2 – how to do it even when you don’t see images. Deep Muscle Progressive Relaxation – why it is called the anti-anxiety technique. How to Create a Radiant Relaxation Response – the secret formula. The topics are presented in an uncomplicated and easy to absorb format. I get to the heart of what makes them work. And present steps for quick results. You will engage all your senses in an immersive relaxation experience. All you have to do is: Download the PDF text materials. Sit back and listen to the audios. Watch the PowerPoint videos. Actively practice the script exercises and Just Relax Like This MP3 recordings. Keep a pencil handy and a favorite photo for Vivid Imagery Visualization. I included two bonuses with this course to encourage you to continue your relaxation practice: Bonus #1 – Be A More Vibrant Person: How to Fit Relaxation Into Your Busy Day Bonus #2 – The Calming Breath Guided Relaxation and Meditation Video When you complete “Learning the Joy of Relaxation” you will have experienced relaxation methods that add to your coping ability, energy and quality of life. You will be able to release tension in minutes and create a calming inner peace. At any time. Any place. Every day.

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