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Sound Amazing Singing From The Diaphragm


If you ‘™re a coach, consultant, or any other type of expert or service professional and you ‘™re in your own business, you need to brand yourself. Not only is it the best way to help your business stand out, it can also help you ‘¦ Attract clients more easily Eliminate competition because your business becomes one-of-a-kind Attract more attention and opportunities (that’s free marketing!) ‘¦ things like Media Coverage, Speaking Invitations, Guest Interviews, Guest Writing or Blogging Invitations (I share real world examples of all these benefits in the course) Look more professional and polished which increases your ability to charge more for your services Have a consistent marketing presence which makes your marketing more effective Build trust with prospects and clients because you have a clear positioning and a consistent message (and this is incredibly important if you ‘™re marketing online) Communicate more accurately and clearly what you do for your clients so the right clients recognize you ‘™re the best person to help them Have a distinct point-of-view that ‘™s more interesting and intriguing to your prospective clients, the media, potential partners ‘¦ anyone really Generate more interest in your business and what you do Feel confident and proud of your business and the professional foot you ‘™re putting forward (and confidence definitely helps you get clients!) Branding is NOT just for big corporations. Branding is also not just for packaged products like toothpaste and laundry detergent. Or high-priced products like automobiles and electronics. Branding is crucial for service professionals, too. It can mean the difference between your business succeeding or you continuing to struggle to get clients and stay afloat. If you don ‘™t want to be fighting to stand out among a sea of other service professionals in your category, you need a unique and compelling brand to set you and your business apart. I ‘™ve been branding businesses of all shapes and sizes for nearly 30 years, including: Large Corporations Small Businesses Start-up ‘™s Non-profit organizations Independent service professionals (coaches, consultants, and other experts) I developed a step-by-step proprietary branding process that I ‘™ve been using with my private consulting clients for years. And it works! In this course I share that exact process with you. Don ‘™t settle for being just another [fill in the blank] coach, consultant, or service professional. I want you to think about something for a moment… What if you had a name that clearly communicated exactly what you do for people? A name no one else was using? A name that was interesting, intriguing, and really stood for something? A name that truly represented who you are and what you stand for? A name that you love and are excited to put on your business? Can you imagine what that might do for your business? It ‘™s time to step out of the generic marketing trap. And that ‘™s exactly what this course will help you do. I encourage you to watch the Free Preview Videos so you can see all the benefits of branding yourself and your business, as well as my experience in branding. Branding is what I do. In fact, I was doing it long before it became trendy. This course includes: Video lessons that explain every step of the process Handouts and worksheets to help you apply the process to your business Real-world examples of brands created by other service pro ‘™s just like you to inspire you and get you excited about creating your brand Interviews with service professionals who have successfully branded themselves so you won’t feel like you’re in this alone Free and low-cost resources so you can research, create, implement, and protect your brand without breaking the bank If you ‘™re tired of having to work so hard to stand out, get attention, and get clients, this course is for you. If you see other coaches or consultants out there with great brand names and you ‘™ve always wished you had one too, now is your chance. If you ‘™ve ever been confused by exactly what branding is, or how to brand yourself effectively, this course will answer all of your questions and walk you, step-by-step, through the very same process I take my private consulting clients through, for a fraction of the price. Join the more than 780 students who already learning how to brand themselves using this simple, step-by-step, action-oriented course. So what are you waiting for? Let me help you brand yourself and your business today!

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