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Simple strategies to create more enquiries, sales and profit


LET ME TAKE A GUESS AT WHY YOU’RE HERE You own a web services company and your sales are always up and down. No steady income STRESS! You need more leads but you don ‘™t know where to get them. All your efforts are useless! You spend way too much time writing proposals and not getting the job. So Frustrating! Your closing ratio is too low. You know you can make more money, but how? Your business is not growing. You feel like you ‘™re spinning your wheels! You know you should be using contracts or improve the ones you use. One Lawsuit could end your dreams. WOW! Have you ever really thought about that? Yeah, I get it! Because I was in the exact same boat. Some days I didn ‘™t know where my next job was going to come from. Hello my name is Mike Carson I am a Corporate Trainer, Entrepreneur, and Internet Marketer. I have owned many successful startup companies and I have taught thousands of people from hundreds of companies in closed-door sessions how to maximize profits, generate qualified leads, win customers and close sales. For the first time I am offering YOU these same critically acclaimed and sought after secrets that I have learned from many years of experience and research. This extremely popular course presentation topic has been taught at events around North America and we have received excellent reviews from so many of our attendees. Now I am bringing it to you as an online course. In this amazing one of a kind course you will learn the following: First I will show you where and how to get new leads using free and paid methods. Next we will discuss the sales skills and tactics you need to know when approaching businesses. Then we will discuss the 3 differences in the types of requests you receive and how to qualify them to so you don ‘™t waste time and increase your chances of converting your leads into clients. We will also review some steps of the proposal process, how to respond to an RFP, appear professional, and also the tools and resources available to help make you look more professional and efficient. You will learn how you can increase your revenue with the little things and where your lost opportunities lie so you can land those ‘œBigger Fish ‘ and turn every client into a long term revenue stream. And finally you will learn about the importance of contracts, how to write a solid contract, the elements that should be included, and some little known ‘œforgettable ‘ items you will need in case things go wrong. WHAT OUR STUDENTS ARE SAYING ABOUT THIS COURSE ‘œThe RFP ‘™s, Proposals and Contracts session was very informative. While I have a fairly good background in contracts, RFPs and proposals, the little ‘œgotchas ‘ (or as you say ‘œmeat & potatoes ‘) portion of the session was well discussed with an obvious amount of personal experience. The upsells portion was good as many times I think of a ‘œpackage ‘ deal when in fact we are rewarded better if we consider what we really do by segment or project phase. Thank You! ‘ Steve Odlin ‘œWhere were you 10 years ago? This information is golden. Thank you so much for putting this together and making it accessible to everyone looking to grow their internet service business. ‘ Joe Manga ‘œI really Enjoyed the course. It was more informative than I expected. I picked up several things that we need to look into within our own contracts and proposals. ‘ Jason Champion GET 15 BONUS DOWNLOADS WORTH $2150.00 FOR FREE! Who should attend? Freelancers, Web Designers, Web Programmers and Developers, CEO’s, Marketing Agencies, Web Agencies, Project Managers and anyone with a web based service company that wants to grow their business, attract more clients, and increase revenue. If you are serious about taking your web business to the next level then you need to attend this course. You cannot get this kind of advice and consultation anywhere else. And at this price, you seriously don’t want to miss out on this opportunity of a lifetime. By applying our simple principles you will easily get the cost of this course back (and then some) the first time you respond to your next proposal request.

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