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We are now a few months into 2015. I do hope you are not getting stressed because you are not keeping those New Year Resolutions. Very few of us keep them, which is why I don’t make resolutions. They just have the ability to create unnecessary stress.So what can you do to stop stressing? Learn to love it by managing it instead of hating it and stressing about it.Ask yourself why you are here looking at what is probably “another” product about stress. Then ask yourself what is it that you want to know about stress. Stop it? You can’t stop stress. Manage it? That you can do. Learn to love your stress because it motivates you? That is what we do in this course! Stress management and stress reduction are useful tools in the modern age. But did you know that stress can be a good thing? and be a motivating force? We seem to think of stress as a “bad” thing and so want to get away from it. But stress is part of being a human, and we need some stress to motivate us. The trick is to manage your stress and reduce your stress to a good motivational level. Then we are managing that stress and using it to our advantage. In this course, you will learn about stress [the good, bad and neutral aspects] and also look at stress in different parts of our life cycle. You will also learn about some tried and true techniques to manage and reduce stress. Throughout the course, I use graphics, movie clips and my sense of humor to get you to learn how to manage that stress and use it to your advantage.

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