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WARNING: Drugs, Meditation and Exercise will not fix your Stress! You ‘™ve probably tried many different ways to bust your stress. The thing is that drugs, meditation and increased exercise can help you reduce the SYMPTOMS but they don ‘™t deal with the CAUSE of Stress at all so, it just keeps coming back. Hi. I ‘™m Kitegirl Annabelle Drumm, a specialist Business and Life Coach for high flying creative professionals. I know how it feels As a creative myself, I was the biggest Stress Bunny you ‘™d ever seen. I spent most of my life running from one place to the next on a full and exhausting schedule. My body was struggling. My nervous system was a wreck. I felt uptight and on guard every waking minute. I couldn ‘™t sleep well at night and would frequently end up collapsed into bed for a few days at a time costing me precious time and lost jobs. Then, being the tough nut that I was, I would get back up and do it all again. Just stupid! I had massages, got plenty of exercise, was recommended this pill and that pill from well intentioned health professionals. It might help for a short while but never got to the crux of the matter. I was afraid to admit I was falling apart in case I didn ‘™t look tough enough. No one wants to hear you ‘™re not coping. If you show any signs of weakness people step away like you have the plague. Or they give you less opportunities and side line your efforts. So I felt very isolated and lonely in trying to solve Stress while struggling to build my career. The two seemed to beat against each other making life hard all the time. Enough is enough! The day came when I ended up so sick I was told I had to do something fast or I could expect some sort heart failure before my mid-forties. That ‘™s when I decided to do a complete overhaul of my life. I wanted to analyze how I ‘™d lived up till that point in all areas of life and how I wanted to live differently from here on. That ‘™s when I really started looking more deeply at stress as something I no longer had to live with. This was something I could manage a whole lot differently than I was before. So I researched intensely using a wide variety of resources from scientific and medical knowledge through to self development and spirituality, extracting the most powerful tips I could find and then developing them further to create a new collection of knowledge that would make a difference for people unlike anything they ‘™d come across before. You can have what I have AT THE TOP OF THIS PAGE there ‘™s a button which gives you access to the best of that knowledge. A comprehensive program covering the major aspects that will penetrate the problem, flush out the nasty causes, leave you refreshed and feeling easy breezy about your work and life again. Challenges that put others under pressure, you handle with ease. Your body automatically becomes healthier, your mood more positive. Your work is more productive. When you start feeling this way you affect everyone around you. Your partner, your family, your workmates. Even the people you pass on the street. The stress-free version of you attracts difficult people and situations less often. You find you start to draw in other positive people and great opportunities which makes life even more fun and inspiring. The more you enjoy yourself, the better you do at work. The better you do at work the more clients and management value you. The more you feel valued the more enjoy yourself. This is no longer vicious cycle downwards but a rather delicious cycle upwards instead! How can I show you this stuff works? If I could I would show you how I looked before that great ‘œaha ‘ moment. Frankly, I looked old. I had more wrinkles, my neck was baggy, my body was sagging, sick and bloated, my scalp was peeling, I frequently had Anxious Bowel Syndrome (sorry, was that too much information?) and my eyes were dead. Look in the video at me now! I feel lighter, happier and younger than I have since I was at high school. I very rarely get sick. I cope with the most wicked challenges. Sure, I still get stressed but I spot it early and dissolve it in a flash so it no longer has me by the throat. That ‘™s what it ‘™s all about. Stress can still pop up every now and then. Building your resilience so you bounce back out of it faster is the key to success. What have my clients said about me and my course? ‘œSo far my “spirits” have been lifted through out my everyday life because of this course. Thanks for making this course because it is the first thing that has worked for me. ‘ ‘œA ground breaking new way to teach staff about Stress Management… Highly recommended. ‘ ‘œI can recommend that with Annabelle employed on the job, you can relax knowing that you are in safe hands ‘ ‘œ…here we are with a greatly expanded flow of work and I’m happier, more focused, balanced and at peace. ‘ ‘œThank you Annabelle. It was such a delight to listen to your lectures. I loved your sense of humor and your approach to life. I definitely have implemented some of your tips. ‘ ‘œHigh quality content but a lot of fun too. ‘ ‘œKitegirl has a great knack of communicating deep learning with a light hearted approach. ‘ What are you going to get? This corporate quality course is usually presented live as a 10 hour x 2 day workshop. You can do the whole thing at once if you like. I know you ‘™re busy though, so I ‘™ve condensed it down into lessons of around 60-90 minutes you can do once a week for 5 weeks. Even doing a 30-45 minute piece at a time you ‘™ll learn something powerful from every lesson. Having it on video means you can fit it between appointments, do it at work with your workmates or in the comfort of your own home. Aside from my heavily researched tools and processes I ‘™ve included 5 superb interviews with other industry experts to give you the very latest cutting edge information on improving sleep, fitting exercise into busy days, attacking the never ending To Do List, getting grounded quickly, having your day more organized and reducing Professional Burnout Syndrome in the workplace. There are bonuses and recommendations for further reading on each topic. Each Section has a downloadable set of workbook sheets where you can write notes and work through your own challenges using my exercises. The course will be of little use if you just run through the whole thing and then don ‘™t change what you ‘™re doing. So, each Section offers some ‘œchallenges ‘ (I never liked the word ‘œhomework ‘) to help you deepen your understanding and implement what you ‘™ve learnt. As a live workshop this material usually sells for around $800-1000 per person (variation depends on venue and catering). Rest easy! I ‘™m not going to charge you anywhere near that, even though I ‘™m here by your side ready to answer your questions as you run through the course. I ‘™ve reduced the price by a mile to make it more affordable so you can pop it through your PayPal account or on the credit card. PLUS Udemy provide you with a 30 day Money Back Guarantee if you find the course doesn ‘™t give you what you want. What are you waiting for? Sure you could do the 5 years study I did to find all this information yourself but, be honest with yourself. How long have you been trying to solve this? If you ‘™re on this page I figure you haven ‘™t previously found the answers you need and you ‘™re still struggling with the same issues over and over. You don ‘™t have to go through with that any more. I can tell you from personal experience and from that of my clients, that getting stress down to a manageable state is LIFE CHANGING. It alters your health. You sleep more soundly. Have more energy each day. Your mind is calmer, clearer, more decisive. The relationships with those you care about gets deeper. You are more present to conversations and your intuition picks up much more. You are more in control and can handle pressure when it comes along. What is that worth to you? Did you know I ‘™ve had bonuses given to me from my clients because what I am offering is so valuable to them? They said it ‘™s made an incredible change in their lives which has mended relationships, boosted health and opened up their channels of wealth. Think about it. Stress affects every area of your life. I ‘™ve helped a lot of people with these skills and I want to help you too so you can start reducing your stress from TODAY. This is your chance. Don ‘™t lose the moment. Scroll to the top of the page and click TAKE THIS COURSE. I ‘™ll see you inside! Kitegirl Annabelle Drumm PS – This is THE complete training toolkit you can reach into whenever you need in your own time. I ‘™m here as your personal Coach by your side to answer questions all the way. PPS – Don ‘™t leave this page and keep doing what you ‘™re doing! You ‘™ll only get the same result as before. Let ‘™s bust this Stress together!

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