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Timothy Sykes tells you everything you need to know about ShortStocking. With 6 hours of instruction, you can learn all of Tim’s tricks and lessons he’s learned over ten years. This is the only guide you’ll ever need to profit from short selling. Testimonials “If you wanna learn how to short sell stocks stop reading this review and just buy the dvd. The price is good and you will learn a ton from this video. I bought this dvd when I thought short selling was just buying and selling a stock short term. Needless to say I was wrong and learned a ton from this video. Tim is a fun person to watch and incorparates a decent amount of humor which keeps you entertained. Tim was very good about answering any questions I had and even wrote back at 1 in the morning once when I was watching the video which surprised me.” “Shortstocking by Timothy Sykes is a 6 hour instructional on the ins and outs of short selling. If all you have ever done is gone long on a stock (bought shares) then this will be a great instructional for you. If you’ve been short selling all along and know the basic in and outs already perhaps your better off exploring other stock strategies. Tim spends the instructional explaining the basics, definitions, times when to short, he goes over chart patterns, etc… by the time you’ve watched this series you should have the basic know how on how to sell a stock short.” More Reviews </p>

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