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Do you suffer from low testosterone? If you experience regular issues with low sex drive, erectile dysfunction, body fat issues, trouble losing weight, insomnia, depression, anxiety, chronic stress, and trouble gaining or maintaining muscle mass then you could probably use some help raising your testosterone. This program is that help. If you ‘™ve gone to your doctor and gotten a prescription for Androgel, or if you ‘™re avoiding using the gel for fear of dependency, or just the fact that relying on a tube of goo for your sexual well-being is no way to live, then you ‘™ll be excited to hear that you can raise your testosterone naturally using just training, nutrition, and lifestyle tweaks. We ‘™ve been led to believe that we need to rely on medications to solve our problems… and this is completely ill-founded. This way of thinking fails to admit the fact that if you address an underlying issue at its root, then the problem will go away forever. Unfortunately, gels and pharmaceuticals are just bandaids, and they will never get rid of the underlying problem. This testosterone optimization program, ‘œTestosterone I/O, ‘ is the culmination of several years of my studies and putting everything I learned into action. I was just like you. I had super low testosterone, and I badly wanted to bring it back into the normal range for healthy males so I could gain muscle, lose fat, and be sexually healthy. I did better than ‘œnormal ‘ – eventually raising my testosterone ABOVE the medical reference range and keeping it there with the correct training and nutrition, as I outline in this program. (Watch the video above, or view the free ‘œMy Story To Redemption ‘ video below). Now I want to help you do the same. I ‘™ve created this program so you can go step-by-step through all of the information you need to learn, then put into action, in your own life in order to naturally raise, then maintain your testosterone at high levels. Included: 30 videos explaining all of the important topics The complete 252 page ‘œTestosterone I/O Black Edition ‘ PDF program Three full 6 month training programs (for all skill levels, beginner, intermediate, and advanced) 4 sample weekly menus (so you can learn by cooking all of the kickass recipes at home!) Topics ranging from masturbation, sex, training, soy, BPA, and alcohol, to your job, body fat, the importance of proper macronutrient ratios, types of fat to eat and avoid, and male pattern baldness. A free bonus of the No Gym, Perfect Body program from NoGym.net I wade through all of the current research on the topic and bring it to you in an easy-to-digest manner – in language almost everyone can understand. And this program is centered entirely around taking action. You will not just read and forget. I ‘™ve designed it so you ‘™re inspired and informed, ready to put everything you learn into action immediately in your life. So stop wasting money on gels and pharmaceuticals. Learn the information and do this naturally, you ‘™ll be so much healthier and better off over the long run. If you would like to give the program a test run and see how much high-quality information I want you to have, you can also sign-up for the free video course at http://testosterone.io/videos/ . To learn more, you can check out my story on Muscle For Life – http://www.muscleforlife.com/how-to-increase-testosterone/

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