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Welcome to this finance course. Thank you for taking the time to read this. What you can expect from this course is powerful knowledge that you can use to build an advanced financial model to assess real estate investments. I will build the financial model with you, and explain why you should be making the assumptions I will teach you. I will explain the math behind the equations, and the meaning of every financial metric (Etc CapRate). This is a hands-on course that will expose you to a professional tool used to assess real estate investments. This tool can be adapted to any real estate market you choose. I will teach you common sense behind ‘œcomplicated decision making”. More importantly, you will have inside access to a high standard investment calculator you would otherwise pay professionals to assist you with. What is good about this is that you will not only be able to build a financial model, but you will learn what makes up a good investment. Additionally, you will learn to project future values of a property, or equity, by taking into account future economic activity. For this specific task I used a powerful excel financial model named Monte Carlo Simulation, which I will go over in depth. My experience has been on equity derivatives markets in London, and Real Estate brokering in New York City, and I mainly learned what I am teaching you from my time at the London School of Economics. In any case, I look forward for us to enjoy, and keep in touch should you have questions concerning this course. Welcome, I am glad to equip you with a high tech industry standard. My Best,Marco

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