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Music Theory for Electronic Musicians 2: Minor keys and More


An applied, competency based approach for managers to develop skills for leading change and transformation in the work place (sometimes called Organizational Development). This could be anything from new business processes, mergers, downsizing, relocation, etc…… Change management skills are in high demand! Make no mistake, this is not a light course! Change is difficult and complex, and has a high failure rate due to lack of skills in change leadership and management. So I will guide you through the process to develop skills through information (lectures), understanding (exercises) and application (real world case studies and assignments). This course incorporates my own experiences and tough lessons learned as a manager leading change in a constantly changing organization. I will also provide you with some simple and practical tools that you can use when it comes time for you to implement change. And the exercises will help you to analyze and develop new approaches that you can immediately use in your work. Change Leadership encompasses vision, strategy, communication, developing trust and empowering others. Change management includes the structure for planning, implementing, managing, monitoring and adapting. And as good managers need to do both, I have incorporated both aspects in this course! Completing this course will position you with the knowledge and skills to lead others through change. It will also give you the tools to manage the process in a structured and positive way, from initial planning through to successful completion. If you are already managing people, this course will build your skills and help you see new ways that you can improve your leadership skills within your work environment. If you are new to management, this course will position you to be successful when you are required to step up to a challenging change initiative. And if you are aspiring to be a manager, this course will give you the skills that many employers seek. By the end of this course you will: Have change management skills, which will position your for career advancement Understand what drives change in organizations Appreciate the impacts to individuals and have the skills to reduce negative consequences, such as resistance to change. Know the different models and phases of organizational change and the steps you need to take to plan, implement and monitor change. Have the skills to communicate and engage with stakeholders throughout the process, develop trust, remove resistance and empower positive action This course includes about 2 hours total video lectures. And it will likely take you another 4 to 8 hours (maybe more!) for the exercises.

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