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Do you ever feel stressed out by the end of a long day of work? Does your mind stay in over-drive even after you’re done working, but trying to relax? Do you ever feel as if there were thousands of monkeys screaming in your head? Do you ever just want to let go and turn off your mind? Do you wish you had some sort of magic cure-all? Do you wish you knew how the mind worked so you could actually feel relaxed, at ease, and chilled out? Do you wish you could just take a break? Do you want to know how? It’s so simple. You can learn how right now. Just Startup Meditation. Why Startup Meditation? More and more scientific research is showing the benefits of a daily meditation practice. Anyone who regularly meditates will tell you how much they enjoy it. With just a few minutes a day, even you can begin experiencing the benefits of meditation. Here are just a few benefits: Stay focused longer Improved problem solving skills Increase emotional intelligence More mental space Better sleep More creativity Less overall stress Flexibility to change tasks faster Increased intuition Greater sense of balance in life and work Improved thought habits More attractive Whiter teeth Yes, meditation is very powerful. Especially for entrepreneurs. I know first hand. We’re generally information overloaded, over-stressed, and irrationally passionate folk. That’s fine, it’s the path we chose. Meditation can help. However, most people don’t know how to begin a practice or keep it up. They don’t know if they’re doing it right. With lots of doubts and misunderstandings, they just give up too early, without realizing any of the benefits. Meditation for Entrepreneurs is specifically designed to give you only what you need to know. It is a minimal course with maximum benefits. You don’t need a 10 hour training course with 50 lectures adding more junk into your head. You need concise instructions with a simple technique and a way to keep a practice. That’s it. That’s all this course will offer. Just what you need. In this course you will learn: How to sit. How to look within. Three simple, yet potent, focus techniques. How to use meditation to tap into your creativity. Practical tips on how to form a steady meditation practice. The coolest places to get peaceful, chill, meditation music. It’s that simple. No fluff. Straight to the point. You’re already busy. No need to waste more of your time learning things that won’t help you experience the real benefits of meditation. Why am I qualified to teach you? I’ve been an entrepreneur since I was a kid, selling gum balls, painting fences, modding xbox controllers, selling on ebay, and now writing and marketing online I run my own businesses online right now. Working for myself. I have over 1260 hours of meditation practice – logged over the past 5 years. I have lead over 200 guided meditation sessions for dozens of other bright and intelligent creatives and web professionals. They loved it. Here’s what they said ‘¦ Testimonials Meditation. Words of wisdom. Tranquility. These are just some of the words I would use in the same sentence with you bro. Thank you for getting me started on meditation. Your voice is so good for guidance. Thank you! -Justin N. Ever since I started to doing the daily meditations Tharyn organizes, it has been a huge help for me. First of all encouragement and motivation to actually take the time to meditate, which for me is the biggest challenge. The meditations Tharyn took us through were amazing, it feels great to clear your head after a long day of work, and it makes me more energetic, focused and creative during the day. The meditations are very soothing and helpful for me. Keep up the great work 🙂 – Daniel G. I would like to start off by saying that I have always had trouble meditating on my own. Constant chatter in my head, distractions from everything around me. But I was fortunate enough to do a 3 guided meditations with Tharyn live. They worked wonders on me and I figured out my problem areas. I was able to relax faster and fall into a peaceful meditative state. – Eugene H. Tharyn is an amazing meditation coach. He knows everything about meditation and can always help with advice if you have any questions. He has a wonderful voice that gets you into the meditative level very quickly. Definitely recommend to everyone who is interested to bring his meditations to another level. – Georgiy O. I feel that I’m addicted to meditations with Tharyn. I can’t imagine feeling so grounded, relaxed and peaceful without Tharyn’s daily 30-minute guided meditation sessions. – Laura V. Tharyn’s guided meditations helped me connect better to my source, strengthen my focusing muscles and clear my mind of all worries. Whenever I meditate, I can always feel that everything is going to be okay and that nothing is more important than how I feel. – Ng Khai Y. Tharyn! Thank you for this. Your guided meditations are the part I wait for by the end of the day. Thank you for taking this initiative. You’re awesome! – Thabit H. Tharyn’s daily meditations always leave me refreshed and awakened. His signature compassion for people and the earth is characteristic in his guided mediations. He caters so much to what works for the group and finds a key way for us to grow as a group, even if the group changes every day! Thank you Tharyn for these daily magical experiences and just for who you are! – Cynthia W. Just came back from Tharyn’s mediation. Feeling just awesome! Definitely, those 20 minutes of mediation are the highlight of my day so far! To make a number of people to feel much more awesome then they were feeling before – that`s real power, right!? – Natasha Z. I am a newbie to meditation. Had not been interested on it or keen to start — but then I started working in Mindvalley and joining Tharyn’s live meditation sessions. I have been attending his sessions now 3 times a week and it is the highlight of my week!! I can see how much more aware and relaxed I am, his advice is valuable and honest. – Miriam L. Start Your Journey Today… My goal is to get this simple course and the benefits of meditation into the lives of as many people as possible. As an entrepreneur, I know that free stuff isn’t perceived as valuable, nor taken as seriously, as something you actually paid for. Since I want you to take this course and your practice seriously and get the most benefit, then I believe that paying for it is a better idea. Besides, a course in meditation like this can cost up to hundreds of dollars from giant meditation teaching companies. They bog you down with extra material that isn’t necessary to get started. This course is simple, to the point, and reasonably priced. Just $39. That’s the same price as a good book. I believe it’s very fair for the simple techniques that I took years of practice to hone. Try the course essentially for free with the 30 day money back guarantee. How cool is that? Take the course now, consume everything in under 3 hours, learn the techniques – and if you still don’t think it’s worth $39, then I’ll give back every penny. 🙂 Meditation has changed my life, boosted my creativity, and given me hundreds of my most incredible business and marketing related ideas. I believe everyone can benefit from this practice. Startup Meditation today. Click Take This Course above to get started now. Cheers, – Tharyn Taylor

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