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INTRODUCTIONBuilding websites these days isn’t that difficult, especially if you use a system like WordPress. The real issue is letting others know that your site exists so you can attract traffic to it, be that to showcase your own products and services, give information out for free or if you build sites to make money through affiliate marketing.WHY WEBSITE TRAFFIC IS NECESSARYMost webmasters rely on organic traffic – free traffic that comes in from the search engines – rather than on traffic that they pay for with the likes of Google Adwords or Bing Ads.Being placed highly in the search engine results pages (SERPs) has a direct bearing on how much traffic the search engines will drive to your site. If you have the #1 position on Page 1 of Google for a keyword, then you’ll get about 73% of the traffic that looks at that search results page. The lower down the page you are, the less traffic will come your way. So it’s vital that you position highly for your keywords. Traditionally, webmasters built backlinks to their sites in a variety of ways – blog commenting, forum posts, article marketing, etc – but it’s a lot of work and it takes a considerable amount of time. And the results of those efforts are slow to appear. Using these methods, a site can take anywhere from 1-3 months to percolate up through the rankings. THE BEAUTY OF VIDEO MARKETINGUsing video to promote your sites is much less labor intensive, is more time efficient, sees faster results in site rankings and, essentially, gives you more bang for your buck.Tube Raider does not teach you how to make videos – there are plenty of tools and courses that will teach that. What Tube Raider teaches is a specific strategy for ranking websites high in the search engines. But more than that, results happen quickly. While videos rank quickly, sometimes within just minutes of being uploaded, the ultimate goal is to get those videos to boost your website in the search engine rankings as well as driving traffic to your website. The result is that you can dominate a whole page in Google. That could mean your website and videos take the the top 8-10 positions on a search result page. And you know how powerful that would be!The Tube Raider Masterclass is a video training course that shows you the easiest and best way to get your videos – and your website – to the first page of Google as quickly as possible. There are 6 Modules in the course:Module 1: Strategy WalkthroughThis outlines the strategy in this course that you will use to drive traffic to your websites. It contains 10 videos, total running time: 101 minutes.Module 2: Backlink BuildingWhile this course is primarily about a specific YouTube strategy, getting links from other sites should also be part of your backlinking strategy. In this module, you’ll be introduced to some backlinking strategies that not many use, yet they are some of the most powerful techniques you can use to raise the profile of your site. This module contains 7 videos, total running time: 72 minutesModule 3: Keyword Research And Understanding KeywordsNot a module to be skipped if you’re already familiar with keyword research. Here you’ll learn the right way to go about choosing keywords, why you choose those keywords and how the search engines learn your relationship with those keywords. Understanding how the search engines see your the relationship between your website and your keywords is crucial. You’ll also discover how to use keywords the right way in promoting your website.This module contains 5 videos with a total running time of 60 minutes.Module 4: Introducing The Case Study WebsiteThis course demonstrates how a particular website was promoted to gain high ranking in Google. That site is introduced in this module along with some specific SEO tweaks that are designed to maximize how Google sees the site.5 videos, total running time: 57 minutes.Module 5: Case StudiesIn this module, several case studies are presented showing just how successful the Tube Raider strategy is is boosting a site’s ranking in Google and how Page #1 for a keyword can be dominated.7 videos, total running time: 154 minutes.Module 6: Video CreationMany people are reticent about appearing in front of a camera in their own videos. While this is not a course on video creation, this module provides several ideas on how you can go about creating your own videos if you don’t want to appear in camera or don’t want to record using your own voice.There are 3 videos in this module with a running time of 45 minutes.Module 7: ConclusionSumming up what you will have learned from taking this course.1 video; running time: 13 minutes.WHAT THIS COURSE WILL DO FOR YOUYou start with one video and create a butterfly effect that can displace the competition with devastating effect. And, rather than working against Google, as can happen with older SEO techniques, Google gets behind you because they own YouTube. Take this YouTube Training course now and learn how to dominate Google without the hassle and pain of using traditional backlinking methods

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