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For many students, the greatest challenge of sitting for exams is test anxiety. In this course, we explore the tools and practices you can use to conquer your test anxiety. The overall idea is to adopt a more mindful approach to test taking. Mindfulness entails more closely observing your posture, your breath, and your mind. Developing greater mindfulness has been scientifically proved to help reduce stress and improve performance across many different disciplines! Through these exercises, we seek to establish the three pillars of mindful test taking: 1. A Calm Body, 2. A Confident Mind, and 3. A Focused Spirit. A calm body helps you stay grounded and settled, thus optimizing your concentration and mental acuity. A confident mind recognizes your own innate brilliance, slamming the door shut on all negativity. And a focused spirit helps you persevere through the most challenging moments of your journey towards success! The course is organized into five sections, each introduced by a brief talk followed by the actual guided practices. I. A Mindful Approach To Test-Taking II. The Calm Body III. The Confident Mind IV. The Focused Spirit V. The Big Picture I would like to develop real relationships with my students in this course above and beyond the video instruction. Please post questions and comments here on the course board and I will be sure to reply to them in a timely manner. Also, I plan to upload occasional video updates to address any larger arising concerns. If there is enough interest, I will certainly host live sessions so we can talk about the ideas and practices introduced herein in greater depth. Please also consider posting a review of the course here at Udemy. And lastly, if you would like to meet with me directly in New York City or online via Skype, please just let me know! I do hope to develop real relationships with my students through a dynamic discussion of the practices introduced here! And finally, I want to thank those who have taught me. Much of the material for this course has been drawn from two of my own teachers. First, my meditation teacher Dr. Reginald Ray has helped me over the years develop my own meditation practice. I am grateful to him for his precious teachings. Second, Dr. Ben Berstein’s book “Test Success” was particularly helpful to me as I developed the practices for and structure of this course. I would like to see his fine book taught all across the country! I thank both of these teachers for their excellent contributions to the field of mindfulness! So let’s get started! Take a look at the opening talk in the promotional video above! And then sign up and let’s conquer that test anxiety once and for all!

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