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Learn to trade Forex, Options& Indexes in 6 hours!


Do you want to spend a couple hours setting up a Youtube Channel that can make you passive income for years to come? In 2012 I recorded 6 short videos presentation videos in under 2 hours and built a simple sales funnel to promote an affiliate offer. My Youtube Channel has grown to over 200,000 views and netted me thousands of dollars in Affiliate Income. In this course you’ll learn a very simple 5 step process that you can use to do the same thing It’s made me as much as $178 in a single day. I’m going to give you the Secret to this success right here without any salesy or gimmicky crap. Basically so many people are trying to get free traffic on Youtube, it’s become super competitive, like a jungle. People who want to make money online are super cheap and want everything for free. I’ve found that if you are willing to spend JUST A LITTLE BIT of money you get fast results. So the key here is to spend about $10 to $20 on Youtube Ads to get initial views. These are real views from real targeted people who will actually watch your videos and even comment, which Youtube loves. It’s totally different from spending $5 on Fiverr for 1,000 crappy views. Because so many people are trying to rank for free, your view count will push you ahead of other videos, and that is how my little channel of only six videos gets about 16,000 views a month. I’m not a “Youtube Millionaire” but I get steady leads and sales through this funnel. The best thing is that so many of the elements are “done for you”. You don’t have to create an offer, you promote someone elses. That’s Affiliate marketing, but- Most people don’t realize that the people selling those courses provide a TON of free content to help you sell their stuff. So for my 6 videos I didn’t even write the content, I just took content they gave me and turned it into a video using some simple software. So you do need a microphone but if you don’t want to record your own voice I can show you how to get around that too. And the Vendors usually provide the follow up emails for you too. So really you just have to spend a little time researching, making the videos, setting up a squeeze page, copying the emails into an autoresponder, and then the secret ingredient of the paid traffic to give your channel a boost. So unlike a lot of other classes there is some real meat in here, and I welcome you to join me. “I just wanted to say that this is one of the better courses I’ve found. I like the step by step instructions for finding keywords and then creating the ads on Youtube. The way that Seth describes everything it makes sense. I was able to go through the course in about 2 hours and setup an ad. He also has some videos on creating a video. He covers everything including what to do if you don’t want to appear on camera or use your own voice. I like talk to the camera videos, so I drifted through this part. Overall this is a great buy. I’m not an affiliate but should be.” – Misty

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