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Learn a no-nonsense pragmatic best practice approach to enable you to create your product or service in full control of the production process with no headaches.Learn and Master the Break Down to Build Up Approach in this Concise but Complete Tutorial Learn Best Practice ‘Break Down to Build Up’ SkillCreate Products or Services with No HeadachesGain In-Depth Insight and Full Control of Production ProcessHave Multiple Products or Services for Marketing FunnelA Powerful Skill for Your BusinessLearning the Break Down to Build Up Approah puts a powerful and very useful tool in your business toolbox. It’s a pragmatic and easy to learn approach for small business entrepreneurs to produce new products and services at will. This gives you an edge over your competitors. Content and OverviewWith my knowledge from lessons learned during decades of leading a hundred plus major successful and also failed projects, I developed this no-nonsense pragmatic ‘Break Down to Build Up’ approach, especially for the creation of products and services in the small business domain.This tutorial is extremely suitable for small business entrepreneurs who have a product or service in mind and need some help to create that product or service efficiently, with in-depth insight and full control of the production process. It’s a very concise tutorial only covering what is useful to know to be successful. No unnecessary bells and whistles.To be clear, this tutorial is not meant to help you find a product or service, but to produce your product or service once you have the big picture in mind for that product or service. On the other hand you might come up with an unexpected idea just by following this tutorial.As a bonus, in the process of creating your product or service with this approach, you will find multiple intermediate products and services that you can use in your marketing funnel.We will start by setting the Focus so we are clear on the objective. Then I will go into the ‘Break Down to Build Up’ approach and illustrate this approach with a Realistic Example of a small business product. The next topic is about Dependencies in the production process. And now that we know what we want, we will dive into the Resourcing and Planning to get the job done. Finally we will do a Check and a Dry Run to be sure we have everything in place and we are ready for production. After that, I will of course cover the bonus I promised, and wrap up with an interesting final thought.All is covered in 10 short concise modules! Each Module consists of a Video and a Handout of the slides and the associated video narration transcripts.If you follow this approach to the T, at the end you will have a feasible plan for creating your product and service with in-depth insight and full control of the production process. As a bonus you will also have multiple intermediate products and services that you can use in your marketing funnel.

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