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Diabetes? The philosophy behind my approach to diabetes is ‘œless means more means better ‘. This simple wisdom is the foundation of RebalanceDiabetes: less medication, less body fat, less fear, less chance of developing complications normally associated with diabetes such as pain, heart disease, amputations, blindness leading to more control, more confidence, more energy, leading to better blood sugar balance, better body image, better health, better quality of life. Lots of people have already experienced the many benefits of the RebalanceDiabetes dietary and lifestyle programme. They got great results. You can too.The best way to control your blood sugar is through food – eating the right foods in the right quantities to meet your own individual body and lifestyle needs.The best way to control your weight is through food – ensuring that what you eat protects and enhances your own unique body composition: making certain the weight you lose is fat.The best way to prevent or manage your diabetes is through food. Simply that. And it isn’t rocket science. A few simple guidelines will reap immediate benefits. A well-devised personalised dietary plan will reap immense benefits. It will help you to successfully control your blood sugar, lose abdominal fat that is so clearly linked now with serious illnesses including diabetes, and feel healthier and more energetic. This programme has been written with you in mind. Largely it has been written from the perspective of combating type 2 diabetes, but nonetheless blood sugar balance is a key factor for optimum health and weight loss whether you already have glycaemic health problems or not. So here I share all the information to help you, whether you have already developed and been diagnosed with diabetes – either Type 1 or 2; whether you have been diagnosed as being insulin resistant, or otherwise at risk of developing type 2 diabetes; whether you recognise that you are carrying too much dangerous abdominal fat, linked with serious illness; or whether you simply want to lose some weight in the most healthy and beneficial manner – making sure you shed fat rather than healthy lean tissue. Here’s the thing: I once asked a doctor why the information given to newly diagnosed diabetics is so scant. He replied that people aren’t ready for too much advice! Can it really be possible to give too much advice in the matter – without the advice how can people be able to follow it? How can they get the very best outcomes from dietary change if they are not given the very best, most complete advice?So this programme contains ALL the advice I could possibly share with you about how to balance your blood sugars, disperse abdominal fat and achieve your own optimum health and body image. It might contain more than you personally feel the need to know. That’s OK – take the bits you need right now and work with them, the rest will be waiting for when you feel ready to go that step further. I make no apologies for giving you all that I have to give: you deserve an unabridged account of how to achieve the very best for yourself!

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