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Lean Finance for Startups – Introduction


First off All , who is this course for? This course is for those people who wants to start classified ad website e.g craiglist, olx, clickindia ,oodle, etc where people post their ads and sell or buy products . Learn How to Create a Classified Ad Website With “Create a classified website in 2 hours – guaranteed”, you will learn everything about Creating Classified Ad website , even if you’ve never programmed before! “Create a classified website in 2 hours – guaranteed” Course is for those people who wants to create classified websites e.g craiglist , Olx, Oodle, Quikr, Expatriates, Classifiedads. Enrolling with this course will give you the chance to create Classified website like these websites which are mentioned above . After completion of this course you will have your own classified website where people will post ads .You will learn step by step creating classified website .No matters even if you’ve never programmed before! .You will follow the instructor and at the end of course you will have your own classified website. With “Create a classified website in 2 hours – guaranteed”, you will learn everything you need to create a classified website. How Classified Ad Website Owner Earn Money ? 1. Featured Ads This is one of the simplest ways to monetize a classifieds website. Normally, a classifieds website will have an enormous number of users each posting many ads. Some of them might want to stand out and highlight their ads and they would be willing to pay a fee to get their ads distinguished from the rest. Classifieds owners consider featured ads as one of the most effective ways to grab the reader ‘™s attention. Thus, it makes complete sense to include that possibility in your website. Although you have to take into consideration the number of users you have on your classifieds website. Normally, users would like their ad to reach an interested user, and they prefer featuring their ads at a high traffic website. So, to get the classifieds website started you need a good SEO campaign, unless you already have a large client base or a unique idea! 2. Move Ads to Top (Special Placing) Another way to stand out is special placing ads, and in this case users will have their ads in a better position than similar ones. This way they would have a great advantage in reaching another interested user. Again, this is a good way to monetize your free classifieds website. But remember that you need a good base of users before starting to do that, or a good SEO campaign. 3. Advertising Banners To improve your SEO and get money at the same time consider using advertising banners. Advertisers usually take good care of content; they tend to write unique product descriptions. Also, classifieds websites are attractive to advertisers. Targeting a specific group of people interests sellers. Finally, having new ads appearing regularly would keep your page look fresh and up to date. There are many tools with which you could include ads in your website, be sure to check out our project related to this: Adserum. 4. Pay to Post With many free classifieds websites out there, it can be strange to ask a user to pay for something he could do for free somewhere else. But! you could charge for posting in the following cases: – You are targeting a specific niche which no one else has access to. – You already have a huge database of users coming regularly to your website. – You have a category that you know will give a great benefit to your clients. – And any creative reason you could think of. We added the possibility of specifying a category in which you could charge on posting as explained in our previous ‘œHow To ‘ post. 5. Affiliates Links If your classifieds website is specific to a certain niche, you can sign an agreement with interested sellers. Then you can have a certain page on your website and sell their products. And you could can agree on certain terms, for example: Pay per traffic conversion. A monthly fee just to have their link there. Getting a commission by offering coupons for their products. 6. Premium Membership You can give some features to your users for a monthly fee. And here you can be as creative as you want, there are no limits except for development time 🙂 . Some simple ideas I found for premium memberships offered features: – Give some featured/move to top ads – Give a credit for posting in pay-to-post categories – Simply be able to post in your website – Monthly/yearly subscriptions – Discounts on any feature The course included 2 chapters and 20 video lectures. The entire course it’s based on a classified website example, inspired mainly on craiglist , Olx, Oodle, Quikr, Expatriates, Classifiedads., that you’ll learn to create from zero. I’m a real fan of the learn-by-project method because it forces you to learn all the concepts applying them with something that you can use and re-use at the end. Why learn to Create a classified website in 2 hours – guaranteed? The full course has 20 video lectures, divided into 2 chapters. Each chapter will give you a level of knowledge in developing a classified website. We’ll start from the basics with downloading important files from internet , Creating data base , Installation of website to more advanced such as adding locations – currencies – removing listings , User settings , Comment settings etc. “Create a classified website in 2 hours – guaranteed” will give you a new perspective on how the classified sites works and after you completed the course you will be able to create your own classified websites and for your customers without writing single line of codes . Why Learn Create a classified website in 2 hours – guaranteed? The internet is evolving real fast and so are the platforms. There are some huge classified sites where people post a little bit of post to sell or buy . Those that rocks are just few of them. It’s preferable to have a niche classified site that’s focused in a particular topic. When you learn the content of this course you’ll be able to create your own niche classified site like a craiglist , Olx, Oodle, Quikr, Expatriates, Classifiedads.

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