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Once I found myself wanting to change careers. I applied to a ton of places and I would get a handful of calls here and there, and even some job offers, but no call backs from companies that I truly wanted to work for. One day, I bumped into a friend who worked at one of my “dream” companies and asked if she could make a recommendation. She agreed, forwarded it on, but I never ended up hearing back from that employer. After that happened, I knew I needed to improve my resume but I ran into 3 distinct challenges that were particularly frustrating: I didn’t know how to stand out. When I searched online for advice I found a ton of career “experts” contradicting each other. I found this overwhelming and very confusing. I’m also not a professional writer so I found improving my bullet points and updating my most recent experience particularly challenging. One thing that I heard consistently is that I “should” customize my resume for every company I applied to. Aside from changing my objective statement and updating a few keywords, I really didn’t know how else I could do this and whether it was enough since I never got feedback from employers. Plus customizing my resume for 30-50 different companies was time consuming and oftentimes painful so I never really did it 100% of the time because I got lazy. Formatting my resume on MS word was always painful for me because it often took a lot of time to mess with the borders, spacing, margins, fonts, and I always ended up missing something. So like many job seekers, I knew if I was able to just get that face-to-face interview, I’d be able to make a lasting impression and get THE job that I REALLY wanted. But my resume didn’t seem to resonate with the companies that I REALLY wanted. And with so many moving pieces I didn’t know where to start and most importantly whether my efforts would truly make a difference in my results. Does any of this resonate with you? If so, you absolutely need to know more about my intensive Resume Transformation coaching program. It ‘™s a simple and proven blueprint that, when put into action, will almost instantly double or even triple the number of interviews you ‘™re getting. And even if your current resume isn ‘™t bringing you any interviews at all ‘¦ I guarantee you ‘™ll have plenty of face-time with the employers, if you pay attention to the first modules. Resume Transformation can help you get a high paying job with a super employer even if your background is less than stellar. How do I know? Because I ‘™ve used the exact same techniques with success – time and time again. I ‘™ve intentionally designed the program so that you ‘™ll have plenty of time to learn the material, do the exercises, and ask questions without getting into information overload. There are 4 core modules of Resume Transformation – and they ‘™re all you need to get an unfair advantage over your competitors. By the end of module #4, you ‘™ll know everything there is about writing the ultimate resume – and you ‘™ll never have to hire another resume writer for the rest of your life! Watch my preview videos below for a small sample of what you’ll be learning in Resume Transformation. I’ll see you on the other side! -Landon

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