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Integration I: Initiating a Project


Expert Voice Training for Actors is a must take course for actors who want to get cast. This course is designed to help the actor boost their castability rate and their career. Many actors put all of their focus on acting and actor training, which is great. But, their are three very important pieces that must connect, the mind (acting), the voice and the body. Expert Voice Training for Actors is designed to teach actor’s valuable voice technique that will catapult them to the next level. This course is designed for actors of any level who want to improve their voice and connection to their voice in their work. The goal for actors is to try and re-create real life. In real life we have voices that sound like orchestra’s, in the audition room our voices get stiff and flat and can’t always deliver the way we need them to, in connection with the thoughts in the actor’s head. Acting, requires a voice that can deliver. For many actors, an organic approach to the voice will work, for others, they need to learn technique and practice, apply and make it their own. This course will teach you how to do both. What is key here is that as an actor, you must learn to use your voice to the best of your ability, to be able to create real life nuances with your voice and feel comfortable and connected using your voice in conjunction with your “thoughts/acting” and “movement/body”. Expert Voice Training for Actors is delivered through videos and audio with some supporting written material for outside of course practice and training. This course is delivered in several hours of video and audio examples and also includes pdf’s and exercises for you to practice. Ideally you follow the videos in order, however, only a few of the videos build on one another. The training includes vocal technique in: breathing pacing articulation volume and speed shifts for effect stressing words and adding value intonation elongation power of pausing and many more techniques that actors can apply right away as well as work on over time to improve their skills. Every actor that works with me privately learns these techniques. They are proven time and time again to catapult the actor to the next level. This course, Expert Voice Training for Actors breaks these techniques down, step by step so that every actor can learn them and apply them. Easy to learn, easy to apply and once these techniques become a part of your new voice, your new delivery, your castability will change quickly and dramatically. This course includes techniques that can be applied instantly as well as includes techniques that you can work on over time and improve your vocal ability. I update this course on a regular basis. I have already added in new material in November and December. I will continue to add more material in videos, audios and pdf’s. I will always notify the class when updates have been made. In addition to being available for discussions, I will also be available to review a video of your work and give you feedback. I offer a 30 money back guarantee with this course. I firmly stand behind my expertise and I also understand that each learner has a different style. I have no doubt, because of the countless actors I’ve worked with that I will be able to help you get cast, I’ve seen it over and over and over again. Best of luck!

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