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The 30-Day Core Challenge will help you strengthen and tone your entire core in 30 days using just your own bodyweight. Often when people think about training their Core, they think of six-pack abs and crunches. They think about aesthetics. And while a good Core Training Program, can help you get great looking abs, Core Training is about more than getting a six-pack. A strong core means less risk for pain and injury and it also means you can lift more and run faster (and even do more pull ups and push ups). What many people also don’t realize is that Core Training is about more than working your abs – it is about strengthening everything from your shoulders to your knees. That is why in this 30-Day Core Challenge we will provide you with exercises and workouts that work everything from your shoulders to knees, including the muscles down your frontside and your backside. This 30-Day Course will even strengthen your glutes because your glutes are a key part of your Core and are often overlooked because people spend most of their time focused on working their abs with crunches. Our Core Program doesn’t waste your time with crunches because a proper Core Training Workout Routine isn’t about doing a million crunches. Crunches don’t give you much bang for your buck. They don’t burn many calories to burn the fat potentially hiding your abs and they don’t strength many muscle groups at once to make you functionally strong. That is why in this 30-Day Core Challenge, we will provide you with a variety of Plank Variations, Hanging Core Exercises, Crunchless Core Moves and Glute Bridges to strengthen and tone your entire core.Get started today with our 30-Day Core Challenge Workout Program and build a stronger Core without crunches!

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