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How to Be a Mobile Apps and Games Entrepreneur


Voice Over is an industry that has been growing at an EXTREMELY rapid pace over the last few decades. There are more voice over jobs and opportunities out there now than ever before. Equipment to record yourself from the comfort of your home is now more powerful and MUCH more inexpensive than ever. You can buy a great sounding, studio, condenser, large diaphragm microphone today for almost nothing. In this series of sessions together we will closely examine all aspects of what it takes to get yourself set up and in position to find voice over work using the Internet and email ‘¦ ‘¦and communicate with the “voice seekers” out there.Maybe you have been told (or know) that you have a great sounding voice and should do something with it. THAT’S GREAT!!! but—Not necessary. Today’s voice over industry is one that leans largely toward what is known as the “REAL PERSON” sound. It doesn’t have much to do with the SOUND of the voice but more with the way the words are delivered. This has opened up the industry for more people than ever before. What was once a male dominated industry now boasts a 50/50 playing field. More female voice overs are heard today than ever before. Plenty of work to go around, without a doubt.

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