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WANT TO PROGRAM? START FAST ‘” LEARN TO WRITE C# CODE ‘œIf you want a good beginning C# course, this is the one for you!’ The content of the course is delivered in a very clear manner by a programming instructor who really seems to know his stuff. Additionally, the instructor actively answers student questions posted in the course discussions. If you want a good beginning C# course, THIS IS THE COURSE FOR YOU!!! ‘” Jake Jones Here’™s the BEST COURSE CHOICE for raw beginners who want to learn computer programming. This is the BEST COURSE CHOICE for raw beginners ‘” anybody who wants to write a little code ‘” or a lot of it! And it’™s especially right for anyone who dreams of becoming a software programmer but hasn’™t the faintest idea of how to begin. Here’™s great news: If you can type, install a program using a Wizard, and open the File Explorer, you’™re ready to begin. It’™s true. If you have a computer (or access to one), have typing ability, and know how to browse files, YOU can learn to program one of today’™s most popular and fastest-growing computer platforms, C#. Yes, you could learn C# online and become a successful software programmer with our C# course, ‘œProgramming for Complete Beginners in C#.’ What is C#… First, say C# like this: ‘œSee Sharp,’ just like the music note. When it comes to computer programming language, C# is the best place for a newbie to start. Why? Because it’™s simple to learn, well supported and maintained, and extremely versatile. …and WHY should I take this C# course? You’™re a newcomer to coding? Your job is to LEARN THE CODE and that’™s what this online C# course is all about. You’™ll learn C#’™s programming language, its syntax, with clear instruction and detailed videos. And you’™ll write code. Lots of code. Learning the code is Job 1. That’™s what this course will teach you. Later comes problem solving, and learning how to create and organize large-scale solutions that are reusable, testable, and of high quality. But all that’™s later. Want to program? You MUST learn to write code The BEST way to become a highly proficient C# programmer is to write code ‘” LOTS of code. And you’™ll be writing, writing, and writing in this highly focused course. You’™ll get limber with nearly 100 warm up exercises you’™ll use to practice and increase your fluency in C# language fundamentals. You’™ll receive and own over 48 lectures, eight quizzes, and more than six and a half hours of focused content ‘” complete instruction on how to understand the solid foundation of C# Programming language. Get ready to dive right into the code because you’™ll actually create real, live applications that run in the console. You’™ll get in there and declare and manipulate variables. You’™ll write ‘œFlow of Control’ statements we call ‘œLoops and Conditions.’ On your path to becoming an expert programmer, will learn how to create methods for code reuse and readability. Cool! And you’™ll keep it all nice an neat by learning to organize your code into related classes. You’™re about to learn the secrets of today’™s most powerful and popular programming language You’™ll start your C# course with a full overview of C# ‘” our ‘œsales pitch’ on why it’™s today’™s must-learn programming language. Then we’™ll show you how to download and install Visual Studio Express. You’™ll start your first code-writing lesson by writing the classic ‘œHello World’ to your screen. Pay attention because there’™s a Quiz afterward! Having written it, you’™ll then deconstruct your Hello World application so you can see the bits and pieces that form a C# application. You’™ll learn new lingo starting with ‘œTypes.’ In C#, everything is a type ‘” they define all interactions between objects, variables, and parameters. (Lost in the lingo already? Don’™t worry about it. C# language is easy to learn and it’™s all in our C# online course.) You’™ll watch a detailed, seven-minute demo videos so you can learn about reading data from the console. And then a 15-minute video demo demystifying ‘œComments and Format Settings.’ You’™ll continue watching, learning, and being grilled on your knowledge. We’™ll explain and demonstrate ‘œExpressions and Operators.’ And quiz you on them, too. Learn about ‘œIf Statements.’ Discover ‘œLive Coding’ in our chapters, ‘œFlip a Coin 1 and 2.’ Then ‘œLucky Sevens.’ Check it out! You’™ll learn about ‘œFor Loops,’ ‘œConditional Statements & Loops, Classes & Methods and much, much, much, much more’¦you’™ll learn all about C# in ten sections and 56 chapters in all. Here’™s why learning C# is the KEY BUILDING BLOCK of your programming foundation: Here’™s WHY almost 3,000 people just like you are learning C# through our online course’¦and why we recommend C# so highly for those who’™re new to programming: Java is a programming language many adore but C# is even better. It offers those new to programming many, many advantages. It’™s growing in popularity with programmers by leaps and bounds. That’™s a trend we’™ve seen for many years ‘” C# is becoming more and more popular every year. Learning C# programming language makes it easier for you to understand other C-based programming languages. (Just like learning to speak Spanish helps you understand Italian.) And there are many, many very valuable C languages in the C family including C, Java, C++, Objective -C, and more. And how about job opportunities? In Cleveland, for example, 98% of C# programmers enjoy gainful employment in their field. C# programmers are in high demand! C# runs on multiple platforms. Windows? Linux? iPhones? Androids? You betcha. C# was created and is maintained by Microsoft so you know it gets plenty of support. This software giant is continually adding new and more potent C# features including new versions of C#’™s Visual Studio. And the Visual Studio toolset is widely regarded as the #1, A+, five-star, gold-plated, best development environment on Planet Earth. C# runs on the .NET framework (say, ‘œdot net’). It’™s what pros call a ‘œconsistent object-oriented programming environment,’ that’™s rock-steady for creating web and desktop applications. In fact, no matter what kind of application you’™ll build, you’™ll find C# will make it steady and stable across all computer platforms. Apps? How many and what kind will you develop? No holds barred because C# handles apps for desktop, Windows Store, web apps, mobile apps, iPhone and Android apps, web and data services, and these are just for starters. C# makes it easy to deploy and version your code saving you countless sleepless nights. It has a built-in safety net – a ‘œsandbox’ – to help you avoid the horrors of the dreaded, dead-on-arrival, pull-the-plug ‘œblue screen of death’ when your program crashes the operating system beyond all hope.

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