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Are you a java developer who want to become an expert at Unit Testing ? Then this course is a quick practical guide for you. Learn how to write real unit tests using JUnit and Mockito. This course will simplify things with concepts and step by step implementations .There are so many java professionals who write great code , but not unit tests. This course aims at filling that gap by covering JUnit and Mockito the two required frameworks to write good unit tests.Learn and master the most popular unit testing technologies in this comprehensive course.Understand the importance of writing Unit TestsDemystify the topics of MockingWrite Unit tests using JUnit and MockitoLearn what test coverage is and how to measure itRun unit tests as a part of your Maven buildAll in easy stepsMastering Unit Testing for Java Professionals:JUnit is a open source Framework to test and assert code behavior . Mockito mocks out the dependencies and stub the expectations allowing testing a particular layer/unit in isolation.Any java developer at any level can access the key lessons and concepts in this course and learn to write quality unit tests.This course is perfect for every java developer who works on building high quality applications .Contents and Overview:In over 2 hours of lectures this course covers necessary JUnit API and its usage with Mockito.This course covers the importance of unit testing , how to effectively use JUnit ,how mocking works and how to use Mockito to write real unit tests.Up on completion you will be able to test Java and JavaEE applications ,run unit tests as a part of your build and measure code coverage and improve it.

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