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GRE Subject Math Sep2015 Prep – Module1:Basics


C# and Visual Studio are two easily marketed skills. Reasons To Join Today: 1) This is by far the most comprehensive C# course you’ll find here, or anywhere else. 2) I teach in a very detailed and deliberate way. Be sure this style of learning agrees with you. 3) This course uses a feature of Visual Studio called “step into”. This unique way of teaching ensures that you truly understand the code. This means you’ll enjoy the experience of learning much more, and each minute of content watched translates into much greater comprehension. Why learn this way? Because you’ll see what it means to truly understand, and that is something very rare and precious. 4) This course focuses on the language, and not the graphical aspects of windows programming. 5) Each lecture gives you an HD video, a color PDF of all the code, one or more programming assignments, and a “Why this matters”. There are about 55 videos solutions. So, in all, you get about 150 videos so far. Watch the solution videos because they cover new approaches, or new material. Some of the exercises require the synthesis of numerous concepts. If you watch the actual solutions, you’re getting close to 20 hours of video. 6) You also get several hundred quiz questions of the True/False and Multiple Choice variety. These are designed to test retention of basic facts. 7) After you’ve completed the course, look into the Microsoft Certified Developer certification. This is course #70-483. You’ll have to do more work to prepare for the exam, but it’s something very valuable.

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