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Public Speaking skills are a necessary “Key to Success” in an interconnecting Global world. In Business, Professionally, Academically, even Socially, confidently Speaking at public events is an invaluable skill. Competent public speaking is a major factor in networking, attracting & building cliental, establishing Trust, and positioning yourself as a Leader. 60-70% of Americans say their #1 Fear is Public Speaking, but actually… Public Speaking skills are learnable. The phrase “Fear of Speaking” is both misused and overrated. There is no such thing as a “natural born speaker”, a myth that’s been perpetrated for too long. My Teaching & Coaching experience proves that for most people, Public Speaking fear, anxiety, and stress can be well-managed, eliminated, or better yet, effectively incorporated into your Speaking events. This Course is designed for a person that wants to successfully participate in the opportunities of Globalization, whether you’re a Student, Business person, Academic, or Professional. Speaking skills are central to your success. This course replicates the Training of my on-site Workshops in Los Angeles and Tokyo. I’ll introduce Speaking skills, techniques & concepts, explain what they are, demonstrate how to use them, and tell you why you should use them. By participating in this course you must be prepared to physically involve yourself in your own learning. Performance of Speaking and Presentation skills are learned by practice & rehearsal… and they produce results. In this Course you’ll Learn: A set of Physical & Mental Fundamentals to prepare You for the skills that follow. How to naturally Move around the Front of a Room or up on a Stage. Techniques for using a variety of Microphones and the #1 Rule to remember. How to work with and without Lecterns & Podiums. Why you should like your voice, and How to effectively use it. A simple, reliable Map to quickly write any type of Speech or Presentation. How to maintain an Audience connection when working with WhiteBoards & Slide shows.(Powerpoint, Keynote) How to Read a Speech naturally & effectively. How, When, & Why to use Comedy & Humor. Tips & Techniques to help you develop the Confidence to use these skills. If you believe that you’ll become a confident & competent Speaker by reading a book or watching a couple of videos, I believe you’ll be disappointed. The “Key” is practicing and rehearsing these skills before you need to use them. If you make the commitment to learn and use the training I provide, profit from some of the tough lessons I’ve learned (which I’ll share with you), and practice what you learn, you’ll be prepared to engage individuals and groups as a Confident and Competent Speaker anywhere, at anytime, with anyone. BONUS: This Course includes a Free Video Evaluation. It ‘™s available to all Students for a full 3-months after working with this Course for 6 weeks. If you want to design a successful future, Good Speaking skills and this Course will help you achieve it. Public Speaking is a Learnable set of skills.

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