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Is your marketing taking too long and not bringing you the results you want? Is it costing you too much money? You want low-cost and super-fast ways to attract more clients that work, and I want to share them with you in this course. The strategies I ‘™m going to share with you will get you into immediate action and produce quick results, meaning more clients. It ‘™s all about leveraging your existing connections and stepping up your visibility. I still absolutely support medium-term and longer-term marketing strategies like offering a valuable free giveaway and ezine. And you can continue to do these strategies in parallel with the faster strategies that I am going to focus on in this seminar that will allow you to attract more clients in less time.The marketing strategies I ‘™m going to cover apply to your business, whether you ‘™re a B2B or B2C or you sell products, services, or both. And they also work whether or not you have a brick-and-mortar store or if you ‘™re online, or a combination of both.What Is Covered 1. Referrals a. How to ask for them b. Who to ask c. 3 Tips for asking d. When to ask e. How to thank people who give you referrals 2. Direct Business a. Who you can ask b. How to ask 3. Speaking a. How to arrange it yourself and 4 formats to choose from (it doesn ‘™t have to be ‘˜in person ‘™ and it doesn ‘™t have to be ‘˜live ‘™) b. How to promote a talk you arrange c. Have someone else arrange it for you and 2 formats to choose from d. Strategies about free vs. paid speaking 4. Strategic Alliances a. 5 examples of strategic alliances b. 4 reasons to be specific with your Strategic Alliance Partners c. How to reward Strategic Alliance Partners d. 7 ways Strategic Alliance Partners can promote you to their audiences 5. Get Promoted by Others a. 4 ways other people can promote you

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