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Enlightenment & Spiritual Transformation – 8 Week Intensive


I wasn ‘™t always the healthiest person. When I was in college, I was diagnosed with a chronic disease. I ate fast food at least 6 times a week and I definitely did not exercise. But, after my diagnosis, I changed my life around. I started incorporating some of the behaviors discussed in this program. Soon enough, I started to feel better ‘¦ I had more energy and was less anxious. I then started adding more healthy behaviors to my lifestyle and I began to feel even better. Now, when I go in for check-ups my doctors are amazed. I ‘™ve even been able to cut back on my medication! It was this experience that inspired me to create this program. I am here to tell you that no matter where you are in your life, you truly can start feeling better right now. Researchers have discovered that there are 7 simple steps we should all follow to improve our health. I ‘™m going to share those secrets with you here. The good news is they are relatively easy to fit within your current lifestyle. Even better news, if you start just one of the new behaviors described in this program, it will still help you feel better and increase your lifespan. As a college professor, a Registered Dietitian for the University of California, and a Certified Health Fitness Specialist (a.k.a. personal trainer), I include different dimensions of health and wellness and incorporate a holistic, or ‘œwhole body ‘ approach. And because I follow these behaviors myself I provide practical tips ‘¦ ones that have helped me and countless others so that you can begin these new habits right away. The course will guide you through each step of my program. I begin each lesson with some important background information so that you can understand why each step is worth your time. I then discuss my recommendations and provide practical tools to help you start these behaviors, right now. Don ‘™t feel as though you are alone in this: I am always available for questions, more information, etc. I hope my program inspires you to begin your path to optimal health and wellness. So, what are you waiting for? Optimal health is just a click away ‘¦ To your health, Dr. Neal

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