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Effective Expert Witnessing


LATEST: Course Updated On April 22, 2015 *************************************************************************************************** YOU – Upgraded! How cool would it be to enjoy those things you really want, and this time around, enjoy those lifestyle upgrades the debt free wealth way? This course has a Christian influence, so if that offends you, this is not for you. I am sure there are many secular courses that will meet your need. It’s NOT a lack of integrity why you are in debt, but because your disposable income is inadequate to finance the lifestyle you insist on having and know you deserve. So you swipe your card or get loans for the couple hundred you need to cover the extra. After a while, it gets to be too heavy a burden and the snowball effect of the extra payments and fees becomes overwhelming. Most of the Gurus in this space will simply tell you to “sell the car, sell the house, cut your lifestyle and live within and below your means”. Truly, that is a valid strategy. However, I recognize what the extra debt represents – a cry for an UPGRADE. This course is geared to help you re-frame your priorities, regain control of your finances, and expand your means, so that you have more money to afford those things you truly want. In Lecture 3, I showcase some alternative strategies for living within tight means and still enjoying quality lifestyle experiences. If you take your focus off the accumulation of stuff, and focus more on quality of life experiences, there are ways to enjoy life within your means. In Lecture 8, hear me help a single mom in the midst of a divorce, work through her financial next steps within her limited means. This lecture also includes an excerpt from another course on How to create a more predictable spending plan when your income is commission based. In Lecture 9, I talk about the single strategy, often overlooked, that may be the key to avoiding debt in the future and ensuring you can handle off-budget crises that take you by surprise. Collect your completions certificate confirming your dedication to upgrading your (a) awareness (b) attitude and (c) action toward upgrading YOUR financial circumstances! There are upgrades for everything. Instead of coach, you fly first class. Instead of knock-offs, you buy the brand name, instead of gold plated, you buy gold. A lifestyle upgrade can happen at every level. Get YOURS or GIVE IT! This course is set up to be digested in bite sized bits over the course of 12 weeks. Rushing on ahead may expose you to the content, but not the discipline, or the ability to complete the action steps. Living within and below your means is one strategy,to having debt-free wealth but it is not the only strategy. Living with and below your means is a BORING existence anyway. It is better to have MORE MONEY, so we need to look at EXPANDING your means, and making more money available to you. Why live to work? How much more exciting if you worked to LIVE and enjoy that life! Take this course and begin to enjoy Lifestyle UPGRADES the Debt Free Wealth Way! Join us! BONUS! FREE for All Enrolled Students Sold on Amazon, but free to you, get a FREE download of my book: The Creditors Are Coming. Based on the story found in 2 Kings 4:1-7, that it is as relevant as today’s news.

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