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OVER 560+ STUDENTS! The World of the Bible is at your fingertips! This Logos Bible Software tutorial course is designed to cover every aspect of this powerful software so that YOU can study and understand the Bible like a pro. Kickstart Your Study Of The Bible By Harnessing The Power Of Logos, At Less Than 10% The Cost Of The Official Logos Training. Perform lightning fast and sophisticated searches of the Bible and other resources How to do in-depth study of any passage in the Bible How to do in-depth word studies in the original language (even if your knowledge of Greek and Hebrew is limited!) How to learn about the history, culture, people, places, and things related to the Bible. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg ‘¦.This is must training for anyone new to Logos. I love that Danny added Logos 6 information for free ‘” Rick Krucher The Most Powerful Bible Software At Your Fingertips Logos is the recognized leader in Bible Software, but it’s a big application with lots of buttons, panels, and links. Once students go through this course, they will feel very comfortable in Logos, and will know where and how to find the information they are looking for. Many pastors, scholars, and those interested in studying the Bible are busy, and don’t always have a library nearby. Logos has made the Bible easier to study than ever. Logos will quite literally become your research assistant for all topics related to ehte Bible.Finally, after owning Logos for many years, I feel in control of the program and that I understand all that it can do for me. The lectures are easy to follow and go through every Logos menu item. Brilliant! ‘” Graham Bennett Content and Overview Currently covering all aspects of Logos version 5, new version 6 users should note that v5 and v6 are VERY similar. I will be adding more videos in future weeks to cover new items introduced in the latest version. The course starts with the ‘œlay of the land,” getting you used to how Logos looks, but menu and buttons, as well as the homepage and layouts. The next section goes on to the whole reason you have Logos – to read the Bible and know it better. In the ‘œreading the Bible” section, I show you the various ways to view, navigate, and search the Bible. The next section is devoted to teaching you how to access the primary languages of the Bible. Even if you do not know Greek or Hebrew, Logos has worked hard to make some of the basic information about the primary language accessible. With the various Logos guides, the application will truly become your research assistant. In the Guides section, I will cover the various built-in guides of Logos. Logos has created a large amount of tools to help in your research. The tools section will cover tools such as the timeline, atlas, Factbook, etc. Logos gets stronger the better your library is (quality of books you purchase) but also how well you manage it. The library section will help you understand how to search and organize your resources. Never before have readers of the Bible had at their fingertips the ability to search the Bible with such precision. The Searching section will teach you how to search the Bible with precision, as well as how to search your library intelligently. The Documents section shows you the various types of documents which you as a user can make in Logos Logos helps you to do your research and study by providing excellent note-taking and highlighting abilities. In the Research section I’ll show you how to utilize these features. The final section deals with the mobile version of Logos, so you can access your Logos library on the go. FULL, NO QUESTIONS ASKED, REFUND IF YOU AREN’T SATISFIED Logos, Logos Bible Software, the Logos logo, and the Logos icon are trademarks of Logos Bible Software. This is an unofficial course not affiliated with Logos Bible Software </p>

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