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JOIN OVER 2,800 SUCCESSFUL STUDENTS WHO HAVE TAKEN THIS COURSE Latest: This course is updated as of Feb. 2015. ______________________________________________________________________________ It is an exciting time to get in to the mobile world as it is just in it’s beginning stages. Each app that you make will become a virtual property, imagine what they will be worth in 5 years time…don’t, get left behind! We started making apps in October 2013, currently we have made to date over $29,000.00 in revenue from our apps. The first month we only made $54.00, the next month we made over $500.00 and the next month we made over $2500.00 and it keeps growing every month. See earnings proof video below. ______________________________________________________________________________ **ANYONE CAN DO THIS** If you want to start a app business and make a passive income with apps then this course will show you how. We will show you step by step how to take one game and reskin it to make 100’s of unique games without having any previous knowledge of coding…In fact, there is zero coding involved! The game software is very easy to use and will make creating Android games simple and fun. We will guide you through the entire creation of an Android Game App, from the idea stage all the way through to the finished app. Not sure what type of game you want to make? We also provide you over 100 different game ideas! **SEE WHAT STUDENTS ARE SAYING** “This course, Earn A Passive Income Making Easy Game Apps Without Coding, is well though out and well delivered. The entire concept is easy to grasp and understand. From the start Deborah puts you at ease . The various sites we are shown are also easy to use and extremely effective too. There is a lot to do, but it’s simply a process and none of it is in any way overly complicated. They are active in the discussion area, which is always a good sign, and they promise even more to come. I’d recommend this course to anyone looking for an easy way to make a passive income. It won’t be overnight riches, but phone apps and games are not going away anytime soon.” -John Coutts. “Excellent course. Highly recommended! Update: Also, the response time of Nancy & Deborah is almost instantaneous – thanks!” -Michael Psyllakis **APP STORE OPTIMIZATION** Learn why we NEVER have to market our apps. We have gotten over 500,000 downloads in just over 5 months, on the Android market, and we have never marketed our apps. You will learn you how ASO works and what you need to do to get more downloads & rank your apps on Google Play. **PRICELESS RESOURCES INCLUDED** Our goal is for you to be successful, so within the course we will share all of the FREE resources that we use on a daily bases to make our apps. – MAKE AN GAME APP USING FREE GRAPHICS & SOUNDS? – AND WITH NO GRAPHICS EXPERIENCE OR KNOWLEDGE! YES, INCLUDE IN THE COURSE… 2 FREE places to find any graphic you will ever need for any game you make. This app requires sounds- which is a valuable feature- and we have found a place to find FREE high quality sounds. An easy app icon maker. Again absolutely FREE, this will help you make professional & high quality icons for your app. App icons and graphics are what distinguishes your app and makes it stand out which will bring more downloads. **THE GAME YOU WILL BE MAKING** The game is a timed matching game, with unlimited levels… But it is NOT JUST A MATCH GAME. The matches you find must link together in some way. This makes it harder to find the linking matches in the time allowed. The first level in the game is 100 seconds and each after that is 10 seconds less, so the game will get harder each round. Other cool features… REFRESH button: this mixes up the game cards so it is easier to find linking matches. You can use this three times. FIND button: This will find the matching links for you. You can use this three times. **MAKE UNLIMITED GAMES** With the software you have the control to change many elements about the game play. This means you can make it harder for adults and teens, and easier for kids and toddlers. Things you control… How many game cards The time of each level. Reduce time for next level. THIS IS VALUABLE & EXCITING… Because you are not just reskining the same game, you are able to change the elements of the game play and make a completely different game each time. **FACTS ABOUT ANDROID** Android ‘™s position as the most dominant smartphone platform worldwide is also having an impact on mobile app download growth, and now, increasing revenue. Google ‘™s app marketplace, Google Play, saw 45% more downloads that Apple ‘™s iOS App Store. Games remained the key category driving growth in both app stores. Google Play is not the only store for Android. There are 19 other Android marketplaces! THIS IS HUGE! Make one app and upload it to dozens of other stores- this will increase your downloads by up to 200%. We have had great success in the Android market. Unlike most developers we started are app business solely on Android, because it is easier to publish apps, and faster- as there is NO approval process. _________________________________________________________________________ **THE TIME IS NOW** The initial low price will increase shortly – the course is currently $149, but will next increase to $249. You have unlimited lifetime access at no extra costs, ever all future additional lectures, bonuses, etc in this course are always Our help is always available to you if you get stuck or have a question – our support is is second to none. This course will continue to grow and grow with new ideas, new lectures, new secrets … but the price will also grow too! However, join today and you are “locked In” – you’ll get all the new lectures and materials at no extra cost, ever! You also have a totally unconditional 30 Day guarantee from Udemy. This means…if you are in any way unhappy you will get a full 100% refund. No questions asked. That is how confident we are of your success in the app marketplace! Click the “Take This Course” button, on the top right , and don’t be left behind. Nancy & Deborah

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