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Creating a Web App for iPad


Building a successful new product and brand is an incredible experience. Startups all over the world are tackling new opportunities, 100-year-old corporations are investing millions in the next big thing…yet time and time again, talented people build products that never succeed. “I’ve seen so many startups struggle and build something that no one wants wasting precious time and resources. I’m going to force entrepreneurs to take this course so that they end up building something the customer needs the first time around!” – John PetersonAt the core of all successful products and marketing is knowing who your customers are, what they need, and why they need it. And you won’t get the answers to these make-or-break questions by having a bunch of meetings within your company ‘” you get them from talking to your customers!In fact, two hours of customer interviews can literally save you 6 months of building the wrong thing. You learn who your customers are, what they need, and why they need it. You learn what to build, and what not to build. You’re marry your vision with customer understanding to hit the sweet spot.People know this, but few actually do interviews ‘¦ Where do I find people to talk to? What do I ask them? Can’t I just send around a survey? How do I not bias or lead them? How do I turn these interviews into tactical takeaways? How do I get my boss or colleagues to buy in?We created this course specifically to answer those questions. I’ve worked with and trained hundreds of product teams from venture backed startups, to accelerators such as TechStars, to corporate innovation labs and product teams.Knowing how to effectively interview potential customers is key, and if you work with products or want to enable product success, I’d like to cordially invite you to take a straight and to-the-point dive into Customer Interviewing for New Product/Brand Success. See you in the course!P.S. Here’s what past students have had to say:”This tactical approach to validating demand for a new product/service is arguably the best resource I’ve come across when it comes to refining my practice of “lean startup” principles.” – Rob Caucci”I’ve worked with many startup teams and using the interviewing methods outlined in this course, we’ve been able to make decisions on how to move forward with our product based on actual evidence versus our assumptions.” – Andrea Luxenberg”I’ve attended Sam’s workshops in NYC, and this course captures his exact style: direct, informative, actionable. I love having all this content at my fingertips now.” – Steve Dean

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