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This intensive online course is designed to develop merger modeling skills through M&A theory and the actual hands-on construction of a model. You will build your own interactive merger model from ‘œscratch. ‘ The end goal is to give participants a practitioner ‘™s view of merger modeling by blending M&A accounting, corporate finance and Excel skills. This course is the online version of Training The Street ‘™s live courses at Wall Street ‘™s 10 largest financial institutions and at the top 20 MBA programs in the United States. Specifically, the course covers the following topics: Overview of the merger process from the buyer ‘™s and seller ‘™s perspective Purchase accounting and the write-up of assets Accretion / dilution analysis Relative P/E analysis and other useful techniques Advanced analysis (such as exchange ratio analysis, contribution analysis and premiums paid analysis) Deal mechanisms (such as collar agreements and defense against hostile takeovers) This course also includes Udemy ‘™s online course certification. In front of you is the very best out-of-classroom experience possible ‘”a distillation of all the knowledge we’ve gained from training thousands of professionals in live seminars. You will not need any other resources to become proficient at Excel-based merger modeling. It’s a complete, self-contained course. You should expect to complete the course in approximately 10 – 15 hours, depending on your financial modeling skills. NOTE: This course is open to all users, Mac and PC. Please note however that the modeling sections utilize a Windows interface and a PC based version of Excel. Training The Street, Inc. ( ‘œTTS ‘) owns all rights, including copyrights, in this course. This course may not be reproduced or redistributed, in whole or in part, in any format or by any means without TTS ‘™s prior written consent.

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