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Como Produzir Conteudos em Midias Sociais


Have you ever started an exciting new diet only to give up 5 days later? Does it feel like the world around you is designed to tempt you to eat unhealthy food? Do you ever wonder about those people who somehow always have a healthy diet, turning away fries and cake every single time? If yes, then this class is designed for you. Thousands of people young and old have gotten past the diet failure cycle and learned the Science behind eating healthy in a permanent, consistently way using our proven behavior change methods here at LifeDojo; it’s your turn to finally move past the hype and succeed once and for all. Based directly on up-to-the-minute behavior science research from leading thinkers at Harvard, Stanford, MIT, Princeton, UPENN and others, every minute of this program is designed to inspire, motivate, and result in changing your behavior. Imagine it. Every day you wake up to eat a healthy breakfast that leaves you feeling light and ready for the day. You move through your day snacking only on food that gives energy instead of sucking it out of you. Imagine losing weight not through some day by day diet grind, but quietly, without noticing, over the weeks and months ahead of you. You sleep soundly, feel happier, focus better and think clearer. No more guilt; no more failed new years resolutions. Just a healthy eating lifestyle. In this course, you will learn: 1. The incredible benefits of eating healthy, and the serious risks of eating unhealthy food. 2. The step by step process of how food enters your body, feeds your system, and gets rid of the waste. You’ll never think about eating the same way again! 3. A simple, exciting walkthrough of what you need to eat, how much of it, what to drink, and what to avoid at all costs. 4. The five essential steps you need to take to succeed in living the healthy eating lifestyle. No more fads, gimmicks, or trends. Just proven behavior change methods that work. Now comes the best part: Our entire class is offered in a fun, whiteboard-style story, that will have you laughing, learning, and connecting more than any other class you’ve taken! So don’t put-off your future one more day. For the cost of one new diet book you can learn everything you need to know to succeed. See you there.

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