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What if you could align the way you live with the intelligence of life itself? Our sustainable future requires us to rebuild our world. But what does that mean for each one of us? Introducing ‘Integral Lifestyle’ – a brand new Udemy online course which helps you to assess, envision and implement the changes you need to align yourself with life. ‘Lifestyle’ for us means the way in which you live, defined by the things you normally do. It is different to ‘Life’, which is an intelligence inside of you that allows you to experience every day and to grow over time. ‘Integral Lifestyle’ is created when you consciously increase alignment between your actual lifestyle and the life itself, allowing you to live at its optimum pace and experience deep happiness and bliss as a result. There are three main levels of development possible for any area of your lifestyle. Dependence: allowing you to cover only your deficiency needs. Independence: allowing you to self-actualise and cover self-esteem needs. Interdependence: allowing you to cover your ‘being’ needs and giving you access to self-transcendence. When you have succeed in covering the needs of one level you are ready to move to the next one. Each level radically increases the amount of complexity you are able to perceive and builds your capacity to create results in a rapidly changing world. This course is a ‘vertical development’ course, which means that it focuses on helping you to make a transition between these levels rather than trying to cover all the needs corresponding to the level you are already at – horizontal development. The course is designed as a guided self-directed process in which thanks to the provided materials – videos, documents and audios – you are able to identify the areas where you have reached a limit to your development. This limit can not be resolved by thinking or doing the same that brought you here and in order to progress further, you need to expand your understanding. The course has a following structure: Three-step guided process to assess your current lifestyle in all the 30 areas of human experience. Envisioning what is next for you in all lifestyle areas and prioritizing which ones you want to work on straight away. Implementation section in which you get the development tips and practices needed to progress the areas you have selected. At the end of the course you will have a complete ‘Personal Development Plan’ as a road-map for your choices and actions over the course of time in which you commit to have the plan fulfilled. The overall time to take the course will be around 2-3 hours for the first two sections, plus the additional time according to how many areas you choose to work on in the third section. The third section contains a set of 30 lectures, each taking around 4 minutes to complete. This course can be taken multiple times in your life as you progress through the developmental path. This means that you can start with some areas (e.g. 5 or 7) and when you achieve results in those you can start focusing on others. Depending on your ambition to develop you can also go through all the 30 areas at once to have a whole picture of what is possible before starting. We invite you to watch the free ‘Introductory Lecture’ to learn more about the course structure and methodology. “You can’t change what you can’t see” and this course will enable you to see what you need to change to contribute to our sustainable future, while creating the conditions for you to experience deep happiness and bliss as a result.

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