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Chemistry 101 – Part 1 Principles of Chemistry


Create and Upload an iPad Book Made Exclusively for the iPad and App and iTunes Stores Worldwide. With this course, in record time, your book will be easily formatted, uploaded and offered worldwide to tens of millions of iPad AND iPad Mini users. This is not where you just take a Kindle book and try to put to the iPad. This is where you use Apple’s free software called iBooks Author and create the coolest iPad book that especially formatted for the iPad. Then you can add interactivity, audios, videos, photos. Photo galleries, and so much more. Then you upload it yourself. This is so cool! You’ll love this. There are even templates for your book to look so professional-like a New York ad agency created it for you. You’re gonna love love love this. • No aggregators • No third parties involved • No need for formatting error codes • No complex stuff anymore • Upload directly to Apple stores worldwide yourself This is the latest happening that few people know about. This is 100 times easier than creating a Kindle book— and it looks 1000 times better. This is 100 times easier than creating a Kindle book— and it looks 1000 times better. This is critical for: self-help books, children’s books, cookbooks, comic books, poetry, art books, coffee table books, sales information, photography, school lessons, white papers, and more. This is the first time you can create an iPad book that’ll actually looks like your book layout . . . and even better! All This for “Dimes” not “Dollars” . . . Your Easy Solution is Here Now: Get your book re-formatted specifically for the iPad— difficult to produce ePubs and Kindle eBooks are left behind. WITH THIS COURSE, IT’S BEYOND SIMPLE! Total Piece of Cake! NO, THIS IS “THE WHOLE BAKERY!” IT’S WAY EASIER THAN CREATING KINDLE BOOKS. 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And it’s so easy IF you have someone showing you step-by-step. My Frustration Has Become Your Good Fortune! I spent months of trial and error learning Apple’s new software, iBooks Author (shown in the second video above), and finding all the shortcuts. I found the books were boring, time consuming and annoying for me as I was trying to figure out what they meant. I was baffled by the, “Whoa, why is THIS happening?” and the “Why won’t this work?” problems that were beyond frustrating and just chewed away at my time. I begged for someone to just show me how to easily fix these aggravating, time-intensive issues. But there was little help on this latest program. But now you don’t have to go through with that at all that . . . Here’s My Trouble-Free, “Take Me By The Mouse” Online Training I streamlined and created the quickest and simplest online video course on iBooks Author. I take you by the mouse and “chunkicize” by giving you super easy to understand byte-sized info, making it beyond simple to create your iPad book, even with interactivity and media. I even show you how to upload your book. And what’s amazing . . . in almost NO TIME AT ALL the result is your book will be sold on the iBooks and iTunes stores. ALL OVER THE WORLD! Why You Do NOT Want to Learn with Those Amateur YouTube Videos At All! Videos are much faster and easier to understand. But, many of those YouTube videos (I’ve watched ’em all) are confusing, outdated, boring and even incorrect! Because of my extensive background, which includes being in both the computer and book publishing biz, you’ll have all bases covered. Yep, that’s right. I’ve been in the computer biz for over ten years —trained by Apple. Worked with Apple software for over a decade. I’m an internationally published and self-published, award-winning author. Even the Bible of the book biz, Publishers Weekly, gave my book a rare star recommendation. (Check out their review on Elaine Wilkes.com). I include many easy-breezy, fun ways to sell your book . . . things you need to know. It’s super important for you to be successful to learn from a seasoned veteran in the book business! No Geek Speak Allowed! My custom-made video tutorials are created in plain English, so anyone can understand exactly what to do. This online course is entertaining, interesting, and takes you step-by-step, so you don’t get lost. And to save time, you can go over only what relates to your book, and skip the stuff you don’t need. A time saver. Your Book for the iPad (and iPad Mini) Coaching Program Shows You How Easy It is To: • Reach millions of potential customers worldwide . . . even while you sleep. Zzzzzzz. • Give yourself the chance to put more money in your pocket—even in a bad econom y. • Get ahead of the competition. Your competiton probably doesn’t even know about making interactive, media rich, beutifully designed ebooks yet, it’s so new. • Plus, you’re in on the ground floor. The time is NOW to get in on this book revolution. I Will Show You How To Effortlessly Make Your iPad Book Look Professionally Published! Our instant online course starts with the critical formatting process. I show you how simple it can be to use new iPad layout designs that make your book look like a major publishing house has designed it. You’ll be shown how to pick and create what you want to add to your book. We’ll show you how to smoothly create eye-popping design, covers, video, audio, photo galleries, and more in these casually straightforward videos! Finally, you’ll see how easy it is to upload your new iBook to the iBooks store, making it available to millions of iPad users worldwide. Think of how exciting it will be to see your finished book on the iPad. A Super-Limited Bonus For You If You Act Now: You’ll receive a 45-minute interview with an author who sold over 800,000 eBooks, making $300,000 in less than a year. Find out how he did it, and how you could possibly do it too. Jump to The Front of The Line Now! Out sell and run past your competition by getting your book for the iPad done quickly. Like right now! Save your time and frustration and get the quick answers in these step-be-step short videos. Act Now. You’ll increase your potential profits, save time and have lots more fun. Your time and sanity are worth it. Not investing NOW could cause you loss of sales, profits and time, along with days and days of fixing frustrating mistakes and trying to figure it all out. Ugg. I’ll show you how to avoid some pitfalls so you won’t have to spend days of aggravation and intense frustration of sifting through a maze of outdated, misinformation. At that point you’d be happy to pay hundreds of dollars to put you out of your misery. Don’t let that happen to you. By the way, with these training videos, you can create iPad books for others to generate extra income. Could be some nice extra money for you. It’s a huge, growing market.

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