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Japanese Mastery Method is a step by step system for beginners who are just getting started, and for those of you who have some knowledge of Japanese but still struggle to speak. We have other courses to teach you Hiragana, Katakana and of course Kanji. But in this course, as it should be, we put all of our focus on speaking, taking you from the beginning level to a solid intermediate level of spoken Japanese. The power of the method comes from proven Speed Learning Technologies. Techniques like Contextual Learning, Super Literal Translation, Pattern Recognition for Grammar, “You-Centric” Vocabulary, Mnemonic devices, and Construction Branching to name a few. Regarding Japanese Grammar: By using advanced techniques like Pattern Recognition and something known as “Super Literal Translation,” our Japanese Mastery Method let’s you speak Japanese grammatically without the need to memorize or even think about rules. Especially troublesome for beginners are the Japanese particles. Students always have to stop and think about which to use. But not in our course. By the time you finish our course, you will have mastered all the most common Japanese particles like wa, ga, de, and ni, and find yourself actually thinking in Japanese! As for vocabulary: Japanese Mastery Method cements all new vocabulary into the language center of your brain using our five step, no-memorization-required, method. Our system takes advantage of the brain’s desire to learn new words through context, reinforces them with mnemonic devices, and immediately integrates everything into your working vocabulary. The course actually strives towards fluency by teaching you with constructions and a new technique known as construction branching. This way, you’ll get the much needed verbal workout that lets you put together your new words and grammar concepts, and start speaking in longer, more complex sentences. Listening Practice: Communication in Japanese is, of course, a two-way street. Japanese Mastery Method will not only have you speaking Japanese, but will also develop your listening skills. Using multiple native speakers, listen and translate exercises, and spaced repetition, the in-course audios, as well as the On The Go practice audios, ensure that you develop strong Japanese listening and speaking skills. What you are getting: The core Japanese Mastery Method System: 50 lessons, (each requiring approx. 30 minutes to complete) comprised of Audio and Video On The Go Practice Audio Course: Review what you learn in the main course with follow-up listening practice. From the Streets of Japan we bring you our popular “Reality Check” videos! Look over your instructor’s shoulder as he uses the same Japanese that you are learning in the course. A fun, real-life look at what you’re learning! Putting it all together, the Japanese Mastery Method step-by-step system is the absolute fastest path to acquiring intermediate spoken Japanese.

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