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Do you want to learn how to develop Android Mobile Apps? Do you think that it would be way to hard to learn all that coding or programming? Well, guess what, I can teach you a way to develop Android Mobile Apps without having to type a single line of code or having to learn a programming language. Best of all, it’s quick and easy. This is the beginners course to give you the foundation of how to use this system and to start developing some of your own basic apps. The Intermediate and Expert Courses will be published soon, so look for them. Don’t keep sitting there wishing you were developing apps, sign up for this course, and get started today. Can I sell the apps I make on the Google Play Store and make money? Of course! The system I teach will allow you to make apps of all kinds. If you have a unique app idea, by all means create it, upload it, and sell it. Maybe make your own small little fortune. Even if you sell an app for .99 cents and sell it 20 times, that’s twice what you paid for this course. Sounds pretty sweet, huh? This course can pay for itself in no time. What will I learn in this course? This is our beginner course. In this course you will learn the basics of the system you will be using and the basics of designing an app. With the system you will learn, you will build the interface visually with an easy drag and drop method that will allow you to develop professional looking apps in no time. You then will learn how you can make the app do something functional. We do start building apps in this beginner’s course, so you jump in right away. Once you are done with this course and ready for our intermediate course, you will have a very good knowledge of the system, how it works, and building basic apps. This course will for sure give you the skills you need for building Android Mobile Apps without coding, not to mention you will probably be able to figure out how to make some of your own apps above and beyond what this course teaches. After you finish this beginners course, find our intermediate course. I broke this down to beginner, intermediate, and advanced for the simple fact that I don’t want to cram too much info into your head at one time. Take the time to learn and master the skills in this course, so once you move on, you are actually ready. Too many courses try to cram too much in, I don’t do that, plus I make the courses so affordable, you have nothing to lose by buying them, and have so much to gain.

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