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Become an IELTS Teacher and Travel the World!


Welcome on board! Did you know that you are not an infopreneur, rather YOU ARE a MEDIA PUBLISHER? That’s right, you should probably start printing this title in all your biz cards and update your LinkedIn page. You have published a course! A course is a media! And you are a media publisher! So, what’s next? Next will be…Let’s launch it. – In this course I will share with you MY OWN METHOD on how I get my first 500 students almost over night, alongside with 3 to 5 FIVE STAR reviews. – I will literally walk you through the whole process hand by hand, I will share with you my backstage. – And, because this is a screen record course it guarantees you I won’t bore you with millions of slides and theory. This is a REPEAT AFTER ME type of course. So, you won’t be lost… Interested enough? If YES, here is the FIRST IMPORTANT TIP before you even hit the ‘Start Learning Now’ button. TIP: Launch your course before it goes ‘LIVE’. That’s right! Collect social proof and reviews before your course goes ‘Live’!!! Why am I repeating this again? Because that is the first hard lesson I’ve learned on Udemy. To get more sales, you need to get social proof first. No one wants to be your 1st student, unless it is for free. No one wants to buy first, especially if it has no reviews. SIMPLE LOGIC …right? Simple logic, but no one follows it. Honestly, my motivation to create this course was, seeing many emails from other instructors who’s got launch problem and I just wanted to help. They launch it, price it, and get NO SALES, NO STUDENTS and NO REVIEWS. And still hope somebody’s gonna buy it…somebody’s gonna be the first… I was in the same position about a year ago when I’ve first joined Udemy. Soon, I’ve got discouraged and left the site for 6 month. I don’t remember what exactly brought me back, but since I am back I’ve researched every post on Udemy blog, followed high earners and their comments, attended Udemy’s Ask Me posts, and developed this Launch Formula the hard way. And from that day I published many courses for myself and my friends under different accounts, quit my job and moved to my favorite country. Now, enough about me. Today…YOU will learn the LAUNCH FORMULA in a simple way! It is really a simple formula that won’t take much time from you. You have to just repeat after me. You will learn everything in practice. Just don’t be lazy 🙂 don’t procrastinate and join the community of other successful intructors now. Happy learning!

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"Udemy is the world’s largest marketplace for teaching and learning. Over 7 million students in 200+ countries are taking courses to advance their careers and pursue their passions. Over 30,000 courses available on-demand, 24/7, via mobile or desktop." --- Udemy; More Details

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