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Considering the application of a free-2-play (F2P) monetization model to your game? This course will get you up to speed on the dos and don’ts of free-2-play. Tap into the experience of somebody who has worked with free-2-play for over 10 years. This online Free-2-Play Game Monetization course is an exact copy of the Free-2-Play Game Monetization course that I teach at several universities as part of a broader game business curriculum. It is designed to give a broad and complete understanding of how the F2P can be deployed to monetize your game, regardless of whether you are a seasoned game designer, or a beginner. The course consists of 11 lectures. In the first lecture, we will start with defining what free-2-play really means, so that we all have the same understanding of the term before we get in deeper. A good way to explain free-2-play monetization is by showcasing its role in the user revenue funnel. We will visualize this role in relation to player acquisition and player retention. In the next 8 lectures, we will spend significant time on the two main business objectives in free-2-play game monetization. Lectures 2 through 5 will focus on the first objective, which is to get more players to pay. We will present a pallet of ways in which you can increase the percentage of players that will pay in your game. Lectures 6 through 9 will focus on the second objective, which is to have the players that pay purchase more. Similar as with the first objective, we will provide a variety of methods to increase the so-called ARPPU, the average revenue per paying user. In the tenth lecture, we will present several hybrid monetization models, which are a combination of free-2-play and one or more other monetization methods. And finally, in the last lecture of this course, we will discuss some of the criticism that the free-2-play game monetization model has received and we will present for methods to avoid the negative effects of free-2-play. I believe in practical education, so all lectures contain real-life examples. FYI: any and all proceeds of the sales of this course will go directly towards further development of Perfect Earth, so effectively you are helping me ‘crowd fund’ a game that teaches children about the impact of their actions on the environment.

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