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This quality management system will engage you quickly by breaking your improvement down into chewable bits that you can correct with little effort. It’s also a program that’s just plain fun to do, and at the same time super simple, and proven to be highly effective? CQI/TQM for the Rest of Us is fun, simple and effective. It will rival any CQI or TQM program you’ll find. Not only can you learn all you need to know in 2 hours, you could start implementing it while you’re taking this course. And I’ll guide you, so you can use your own improvement as your course project. Set Up An Easy, Productive QM System Overnight, Literally This complete quality improvement and quality management system generates: ·Programs ·Improvements ·New revenue opportunities ·Products ·Savings ·Complete improvement and risk management plans and does this just by letting people do what they do best ~ their jobs. Whether you ‘™re a sole proprietor, or have hundreds, even thousands of employees, this system will help you tap the latent resources that lie within your employees, clients, and even your critics, and convert that knowledge into growth, improvement and profits, for you and your company. </p> <p> And talk about simplifying risk management: This is a program we used with great success in our rural hospital district. We not only used this CQI system to develop a very successful fall-prevention program for our elderly residents that reduced falls 40% over 8 months, but extended that program to a community-wide program designed to improve safety for all residents. That program was designed to interconnect all health care discharge planning with all fitness, health, and recreation programs in the community, right down to the public swimming pool. The point being that this simple system enabled us to create a very complex program involving a number of internal and external entities. But our internal fall-prevention program was entirely the work of the staff from four different departments: Long Term Care Center, Physical Therapy, Dietary and Laundry. Other improvements recovered $16,000 in fraudulent overcharges from a vendor to just one department in one year; one month ‘™s salary equivalent, plus another $7,200 in administration expenses, by installing a convenience device for employees; countless dollars and improved safety by improving medication storage; and many, many more ~ all developed by the staff. We also created dozens of new, grant-fundable programs that expanded our services and met needs that weren ‘™t met before. I ‘™ll tell you how they did it, and teach you to do this for your business. You’ll learn how the LTCC reduced their employee turnover of 135% to about 5% per year. No one wanted to leave anymore. Employees were happy. Patients (customers) were happy. You, too, can have happy employees. You ‘™ll get: ·Our timeless 92-page ebook ‘œCQI/TQM for the Rest of Us ‘ ·All the forms we discuss ·Flow maps to help you picture the flow of everything ·All of the preparation steps to take ·The detailed how-to ‘™s of identifying a root cause, and developing an improvement ·Instructions on how to train employees and implement this program ·One-to-one support from me as you set your program up. Just post your questions in the discussion area of the course and I ‘™ll guide you in applying this system to your situations.

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