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Good News For Real Estate Investors! “Let me ask you a question – Do You look Good in Stripes!” This is a question every Real Estate Investor should ask themselves before they Buy, Sell or Invest. Let me explain… I’m sure you are very aware that we live in a very sue happy society!Dear Fellow Real Estate Investors, So once again I ask you – Do You look good in stripes? If you answered No, then your prevention road map instructions are below… Safely Invest In Real Estate Did you know that the American Bar Association did a study over 10 years ago putting the number of law suits in the US at 20 Million per year! In 2010 that number grew to 42 million! Of those, 15 million had to do with Real Estate transactions! In order to have Success in anything life has to offer it is based on how YOU PREPARE YOURSELF ! In the legal profession, one of the first lessons you learn is that cases are won and lost in the Preparation ! Chance favors the prepared mind.Are you prepared for the legal hassle that could be opened if you make just one small mistake? “Ignorance of the law is no excuse”, that’s a quote according to the American Legal System. You may be saying, that’s what lawyers are for Jim. Well that’s fine if you want to spend thousands of dollars for legal opinions, or you are willing to entrust your investing business to what you hear from people at REI ( Real Estate Investing ) clubs that are just repeating something they read off the Internet or heard at a networking event. After years of investing, 26 years to be exact, what if you could learn to take care of potential problems before they happen? Well, as most of you know in addition to being an active real estate investor, I am also a Federal/State Arbitrator with over 27 years of experience with issues just like the ones I have described above. Since so many of you have e-mailed/called me frustrated on how you have put in mega hours of your valuable time and countless dollars into learning a strategy, just to find out that you can’t do it in your state, I have decided to release to you the very method I use to prevent this from happening, which will make you “bullet proof” from law suits without the use of expensive lawyers. If this sounds good to you then continue reading below; if not I hope that all the lawsuits and violations you may be slapped with will be found in your favor and that of your wallet. Here’s the cool thing… I’ve discovered a way to get up and running safe guarding and bullet proofing your real estate investments within 7 days ! I know this might be hard for you to believe and trust me, if I were you I would be skeptical too. But here’s exactly what I’ve discovered: Most legal problems occur because of lack of knowledge by the investor. Believe me real estate is an ever changing arena which would require a research time 8 hours a day to keep up on the latest trends and regulations. I have figured out how to get these teams for FREE! 5 minutes of investigation prevents 99%% of potential real estate investing problems. Attorney’s only give you an opinion based on their interpretation of the law, regulation or ordinance, and if that was the only thing you needed there would never be any law suits. My mentoring student’s have paid me thousands of dollars for this information that I will share with you in this exclusive training. And although everything I’ve said so far might lead a reasonable person to believe that my program is tons of money… it’s not! Your investment is only $27.00 !!!!

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